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Albion 100 Years Ago - FEBRUARY 1921

Morning Star, February 7, 2021, pg. 7

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." February 1, 1921. "Memorial services for J. E. White and Edward Guilmore of this city, were held by Victoria Lodge No. 18, F. and A. M. at their hall yesterday. An impressive solo was sung by Mrs. D. F. Wright, then the lives of these men were spoken of by Rev. A. G. Robinson, Rev. W. M. Goldsmith, Rev. F. G. Hurd, and Rev. S. Union and W. L. Beck."

"Gasoline has gone down again, another 2˘ decrease in the price going into effect locally today. It is selling at 26˘ per gallon at the Standard and Co-operative filling stations, and 28˘ at the garages."

February 2, 1921: "George Bohm, present proprietor of the Census Theatre announced today that he has completed plans for his big new modern fire-proof theatre which will be erected in the heart of the business district." "The Albion Coal Company, which three months ago took over the business of the B. S. K. Coal Co., has run into a new vein of much better coal than they have been mining…That the Albion mine is one of the community’s best industries is shown by the fact that the monthly payroll is over $!0,000…The number of employees of the mine is now 56, of which 30 are miners."

February 14, 1921: "Clyde Decker and John McDonald were arraigned in Justice Watson’s court Friday on a charge of violating the game laws by spearing suckers from a boat on the Kalamazoo River, although the law allows spearing at this time through the ice." "Harry Mills of Eckford Village fell from a wagon Saturday and broke his collarbone. Mr. Mills was standing in the wagon when the horses started suddenly, throwing him to the ground."

February 18, 1921: Albion Pig Club to be Organized Monday. Under the direction of David A. Garfield, president of the Albion State Bank, and C. E. Ackley, county club agent, the Albion Pig Club for boys will be re-organized Monday afternoon, February 21." February 19, 1921, Headline: "Dr. Delos Fall Died Today at Bradenton. Distinguished Albion Citizen, Nearly Half Century a Member of Albion College Faculty, Passes Away At Age of 73 at Hospital in Florida City."

February 23, 1921: With the proceeds of the Hallowe’en social given at the Dalrymple School last October, a rest room has been fitted up on the first floor of the school building. This school restroom is the first of its kind in this city."

February 24, 1921: "Several complaints have been made recently by residents of W. Erie St. to the effect that the former Eslow residence at the northwest corner of S. Eaton and W. Erie Sts., was being made the rendezvous of a gang of young men who were apparently using the place for booze parties. The house is deserted and in bad shape." "Mrs. I. Imperiale, W. Chestnut St., has purchased a new Studebaker "Special Sox" automobile from the Albion Garage."


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