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Morning Star, May 12, 1996, pg. 18

Each year at this time during the upcoming graduation season we present the class of Albion High School of 100 years ago. The Class of 1896 had 36 members. 22 were girls, and 14 were boys. The list of names is found in my book, “A History of the Albion Public Schools,” page 200. I encourage our readers to obtain a copy of this book as a graduation gift, and to make them available at your high school class reunions this summer. They may be obtained from yours truly, or at the Albion Chamber of Commerce.

The Albion alumni association published a booklet around 1905 listing members of each class of Albion High School. It listed the members of the Class of 1896, their occupations and living place, and the woman’s married name. All lived in Albion except where noted. The members of the Class of 1896 are as follows:

Vera L. Franklin, stenographer, Jackson; Floyd A. Allen, principal Grass Lake High School; Mabel Anderson, Gale Mfg. Co. office; Elam A. Bennett, cashier; Harry C. Bortles, Office Gale Mfg. Co.; Marie B. Bond (Mrs. O. J. Pardee) of Eckford; George Brown, shop; Edith M. Borwn (Mrs. Arthur C. Church), Ada, Ohio; Guy E. Strickland, farmer; May L. Brown (Mrs. Charles Mesler); Herbert G. Bliss, farmer; Hope Columbus, bookkeeper, Battle Creek; Bertha M. Horton (Mrs. Allen Chappel), Springport; Charles E. Finch, teacher, Decatur, Indiana; Aura L. Emery; Winifred M. Earl (Mrs. Edgar Thompson); W. Bert Gardner, mail carrier; Adah M. Farley (deceased); Elizabeth E. Perkins (Mrs. Louis C. McDougal); R. Frank Glascoff (deceased); Nellie M. Peters (Mrs. William O’Hara); Bertha H. Hageman (Mrs. Walter E. Teeter), Battle Creek; H. Clifton Holderman, clerk, Colorado Springs, Colorado; Gail Monroe, stenographer, Lansing; Ella C. Coffin; Charles Loud, government clerk, Washington, D. C.; Jane Miller (Mrs. Matthew Lincoln), Jackson; Julia E. Merrit (Mrs. Wesley Dissett), Indianapolis, Indiana; Leon Jacobs, student, Chicago, Illinois; Florence Z. Herrick; Lena M. Hunt, teacher, Homer; Dwight Robinson, clerk; Mattie L. Paine, bookkeeper, Lansing; Mae E. Slowey, Gale Mfg. Co. office; Dean C. Young, merchant ; and Eva J. Billinghurst.

Fortunately, there does exist a photograph of each of the members of the Class of 1896 which was placed in a frame. From our Historical Notebook this week we present that photo. We do have about a third of the persons identified in it. We also have highlighted the valedictorian of the class, Eva Billinghurst (Mrs. William Salter) (1879-1947). Eva lived most of her adult life in the Cleveland, Ohio area. She was the daughter of Edwin Billinghurst, son of area pioneer Daniel H. Billinghurst. Eva’s daughter Jean lives in Gainesville, Florida, and I have corresponded with her.

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* Photo Credit Information Below

Class of 1896 and Eva Billinghurst


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