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Morning Star, June 23, 1996, pg. 3

This week we are going to remember one of this countryís greatest periodical wildlife artists who happened to be from Albion: Lynn Bogue Hunt (1878-1960). Hunt was originally a native of Honeoye Falls, N.Y., but came to Albion at the age of 12 and received his education here. His artistic genius became quite apparent here, even as a youth. Lynn was an 1897 graduate of Albion High School, and then went on to Albion College for two years where he studied under Professor Franklin C. Courter and learned to depict wildlife on canvas. He designed several posters and programs for various events in Albion as well as drawings for the college yearbook. Even during his student days at Albion College, a local newspaper reported in 1898 that he had already contributed sketches for various newspapers.

Lynn left college to draw for the Gale Manufacturing Company, and then for the Fulton Engine and Iron Works of Detroit. He began a three year stint as a sketch artist for the Detroit Free Press in 1899, and soon became noticed by New York magazines. He moved to New York, and joined the staff of the magazine Field and Stream. The August 1904 issue cover features a drawing by Hunt portraying two Indians in native dress performing a snake dance, snake and all. Lynn later became the magazineís staff artists, and drew more than 100 covers for this publication, plus numerous illustrations for the articles therein.

His works also appeared in such publications as Outersí Recreation, the Saturday Evening Post, Colliers, Better Homes and Gardens, Natural History, Boyís Life, the Womanís Home Companion, Country Gentleman, American, Rotarian, Elks Magazine, and others. He printed the 1939 Migratory Waterfowl Stamp, 10 National Wildlife Federation stamps, and illustrated more than 50 books in his lifetime.

An excellent article about Lynn Bogue Hunt by Bill Mullendore entitled, "Michigan Profile--Lynn Bogue Hunt: Artist from Albion," appeared in the July 1987 issue of Michigan-Out-of-Doors, which is filled with interesting detailed information about this truly amazing artists. I encourage our readers to review this outstanding article (check with the Albion Public Library). The author mentions that Huntís original artwork usually bring prices in the $5,000 range. He states (page 113): "Albion College officials once tried to buy a collection of 45 Hunt originals for display on the campus but couldnít come up with the $200,000 asking price. All that remains at Albion as a reminder of his student years is a block-letter "A" monogram inscribed with a sketch of a lion, symbol of the schoolís athletic team."

Actually, you donít need to pay that much, as you can still find old issues of magazines with Lynnís artwork on the covers (particularly Field and Stream magazines of the 1920s and 1930s) at antique shows for 5-10 dollars apiece. His artwork is easily recognizable, often featuring ducks, fish, birds, hunting dogs, etc.

Now a bit of local heritage. Lynnís family had moved to Albion in 1890, and lived at 1109 E. Porter St. His father Franklin Hunt was a traveling salesman, and his mother was Nancy Cordelia Bogue (1852-1905), the daughter of Bishop and Sally C. (Garfield ) Bogue. Nancyís brother Charles Bishop Bogue operated a grocery store here in Albion during the 1870s and 1880s, which was located in the Clift Block (pictured in the March 24 issue of this column). Lynnís grandmother Sally (1829-1923) was an aunt of David A. Garfield, later president of the Albion State Bank. Sarahís 2nd husband was Lewis D. Crane, and they lived on a farm outside of Albion. Lynnís sister Lena M. Hunt (1879-1961) was an 1896 graduate of Albion High School, and was the wife of Minard Farley, Sr. There also was another brother, George Bogue Hunt.

I donít have a photograph of Lynn Bogue Hunt, nor does anyone else around here to my knowledge, but I would like to obtain one for my archives. In lieu of that this week here in our Historical Notebook we present the cover of the October, 1931 issue of Field and Stream, featuring a duck hunting scene by this great artist from Albion, Lynn Bogue Hunt. His name appears in the lower right corner of the painting.

Field & Stream, October 1931.



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