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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, November 29, 2009, pg. 16

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We continue with our series about Washington Gardner High School. In June, 1906, the original Central School was demolished, but the later-added east and west wings were left intact. They now formed the rear of the school complex, which was erected in front. The new school opened in September, 1907. The facility was well used as Albion's population boomed in the early 20th century due to high employment at Albion's factories.

Following World War I, conditions became crowded at Central School, despite the erection of Austin and Dalrymple elementary schools. The school board authorized and election which was held on January 4, 1922. Voters approved a bond proposal for the erection of a new west wing which was to house the high school grades. This was constructed in 1922 and the cornerstone which is there today still states "HIGH SCHOOL 1922." It was at this time that the swimming pool was added, and the gymnasium. The total cost of the project was $174,000. The dedication of this addition occurred in 1923.

From our Historical Notebook this week we present an unusual looking artist's rendition of the new 1922 high school addition attached to the 1907 Central School building on the right.

In 1926 the school board proposed the construction of a new east wing attached to the Central School, to house the junior high grades and elementary classes. It's design was configured to match the west wing high school addition. The bond proposal was passed in May, 1926, and the contract was awarded to Fred W. Schumacher in October, 1926. At this time the old 1885/1893 east wing which sat in the rear of the school complex was demolished. The bricks and materials from the aforementioned demolished wing were used to erect the sports fieldhouse in Victory Park, presently the park office. To be continued: Part 3

Artists rendition of the new 1922 high school addition





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