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A & P Grocery
     1994 article
     2003 article
     John Kehoe
A Century Ago articles
A-B-C-D Land Company
A-Maize-ing pin
     2007 pin
     2008 pin
Abbey Mausoleum
     Interior view
     Burnett J. (1894-1954)
Abrams, Thomas
African-American citizens
     19th Century life
     Bennett, Frank
     Bolden, Charles
     Curtis, Ulysses
     Curtis, William
     Emancipation Day
          Battle Creek
          Photograph, key
     Ethnic History of Albion
     Hurst, Solomon
     Parker, Bobby
     Truth, Sojourner
     Underground Railroad
          Babcock, Amos
          Blakely House
          Taylor House
          Truth, Sojourner
     West Ward School
     World War I Veterans
Airport, Morgan Field
Albion-Charlotte Railroad
Albion Across the USA
Albion Authors
     Averill, Patricia
     Dew, Gwen
          Around the World
          Historical Notebook
     Dew, Louise
     Fisher, Mary Frances Kennedy
          Food writer
          Historical Notebook
     Hull, Hellen
     Mayhew, Ira
Albion Banknotes
     1994 article
     1998 article
Albion Beverage Company
Albion Bolt Company
Albion Bottling Works
Albion Business & Professional Men’s Association
Albion Business College
Albion Chamber of Commerce
Albion Chemical Works
Albion Civic Foundation
Albion College
     $2 Bill
     1889-1890 Currency
     1890 Map
     Dr. Dickie
     Gwen Dew
     Student Army Training Corps (SATC)
               False Armistice Day parade, 1918
               Panoramic view, 1918
Albion County
Albion Elevator
Albion Fire Department, see Fire Department
Albion Free Methodist Church
Albion Garage Sales Agency
     Citgo service station location
     1912 auto dealership, 118 E. Michigan Ave.
     1918 Overland Panoramic Photograph
Albion Gas Light Company
Albion Gazetteer
Albion Hermit (David Duncan)
Albion High School, see also Schools
     circa 1900
     1905 Recommendations
     circa 1912
     1922 Cornerstone
     1926 Dress-up Day
          Auto Repair Class
          Cooking Class
          Printing Class
     1939 State Basketball Championship
     1940 Basketball
     1891 Football Team
     1942 Football Team
     1943 Football Team
     1944 Football Team
     1952 Safety Patrol
     1961 Spring Vocal Festival Recording
     Back to school
     Band Room
     Central School
     Class Memorials
     Class of 1893
     Class of 1894
     Class of 1895
     Class of 1896
     Class of 1897
     Class of 1898
     Class of 1898
     Class of 1900
     Class of 1901
     Class of 1902
     Class of 1903
     Class of 1904
     Class of 1905
     Class of 1906
     Class of 1907
     Class of 1908
     Class of 1909 a
     Class of 1909 b
     Class of 1910
     Class of 1911
     1964 ground breaking
     Class of 1971
     Class of 1973
     Hall of Fame
     Theatrical production, 1941
     Washington Gardner High School
          Part 1
          Part 2
          Part 3
          Part 4
Albion History Quiz
Albion Hospital (see also Hospitals)
Albion in the 19th Century
Albion in the 20th Century
Albion Iron & Metal Company
Albion Jolly Operators
Albion Leader newspaper
Albion Lumber Company
Albion Malleable Iron Company
     1938 Photograph
     Baseball team 1910
     Child workers
     Community life
     Core room workers
     Executives 1930
     Giants Baseball Team
     Giants Baseball Team 1949
     History of
     Immigrant workers
     Kessler, Warren
     Malleable Girls 1903
     Murray, Montford B.
     Office Building
     Tornado 1913
Albion Mayors
Albion Merchants
     Girls Softball
Albion Milestones and Memories (book)
Albion Mirror newspaper
Albion Motor Sales
Albion National Bank
     1912 bank failure
          100 year anniversary
          New Years Day 1912
     From the archives
Albion Police Department
     1926 Photograph
     Auxiliary, 1956
Albion Public Safety Department
Albion Recorder
     Blair Bedient
     Early History
     From the Archives articles
Albion Rifle Rangers
Albion Rod and Gun Club
Albion Station in Upper Peninsula
Albion Theaters
     Bohm Theatre
     Censor Theatre
     Opera House
          1976 Photograph
          Early entertainment
     The Albion Theater
          1997 article
          2000 article
Albion Township Election Tickets
Albion Victory Ship, part 1
Albion Victory Ship, fate of
Albion Village Presidents
Albion-Charlotte Railroad
Amberton Village
American Anti-Slavery Society
Albion Water Warriors
Aldrich, Ernest
American Way Restaurant
Ampey, Rev. David (1866-1937)
Amtrak, see also Lakeshore and Michigan Southern Railroad Railroad Depot
Andrews, Marietta
Andrews, Shirley
Angola, Indiana
     Frederick (1790-1858)
     William Edward (1856-1943)
Appelt, Douglas
Arbor Day
Armistice Day
Armistice Day Parade
Arndt, Frieda
Arthur Street
Asaro, Pete Sr. (1922-1995)
Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company, see A & P
Austin & Tucker’s Dry Goods Store
Austin Avenue
     Iron worker's residences
     WALM Radio
Austin School
     Construction Finished January 1912
     Class of 1920      1946 Group Photograph
     First Modern Elementary School
     100 years old in 2011
Austin, Charles F. (1836-1899)
Automobile Dealerships
     Albion Garage Sales
     Albion Motor Sales
     Overland Automobiles
          1916 photograph
          1918 photograph
Automobile Racing
Averill, Patricia


     August (1863-1939)
Baart, Rev. Peter A. (1858-1908)
     1900 photograph
Babcock School
Babcock, Amos A. (1806-1893)
Bacon, C. M.
Bagley, James (1850-1911)
Bailey, Dorns
Baker, Lowell W. (1869-1933)
Baldwin, Joseph A. (1895-1949)
Ball Drop, 1962
Balzekas Lithuanian Museum Review
Band Room see also Washington Gardner High School
Band Shell see also Victory Park
Bank of Albion
Bank Failure of 1912
     Angry Depositors Meeting
     Extended article
     Dearing found guilty
     Opera House meeting
Banks, Marsha
Bar-B-Q-House, The
Barber Shop, The Snug
Barney, Esther
Barr, Forrest
Bascom, C. Edward
     Corning Glass Team 1954
     Detroit Tigers
     Girl's Softball Team
     Malleable Giants
     Malleable team 1910
     McGuire, James "Deacon" card
Basketball Championship, 1939
     1997 article
     2008 article
Bath Mills
Bathhouse at Dutchtown
Beadle, General William Henry Harrison (1838-1915)
     A Century Ago
     Historical Notebook
Bearman, Michael
Beer, Marion
Behling, Albert C. (1871-1950)
Beilfuss, Mary (Wochholz) Mrs. William (1866-1949)
Bell House, Albion College
Bell Telephone exchange
Bell, Albion Public Schools
     Charles S. (1790-1871)
     Eliakim (1787-1861)
Bennard, Rev. George (1873-1958)
     Historical Notebook
     Music company
     Old Rugged Cross
Bennett, Frank (1888-1945)
Berry, Rosetta Mary
Billinghurst School
     A Century Ago
     Morning Star 2001
     Charles H. (1849-1946)
          1989 article
          1993 article
     Daniel (1820-1896)
Birds Eye View Maps
     PART 1
     PART 2
     PART 3
     PART 4
     PART 5
     PART 6
     Downtown view
Bishop, Elsie
Black Ditch
     Plans for cement culvert
Blakeley, Juliet Calhoun (1818-1920)
Bliss, Helen
Blodgett, Joseph (1917-2005)
Boat Manufacturing
Boathouse Token
Bogue, Charles Bishop (ca 1856-1920)
Bohm Saxophone Quartet
Bohm Theater
     Campaign to preserve
     From the Archives
     Historical Notebook
Bolden, Charles A.
Bolden, Charles
     19th Century Black History
     Historical Notebook
Boosters & Knockers Club 1961
     Albion Bottling Works
     Starr Commonwealth
Boy Scouts
     1945 Photograph
     Troup 60, 1954
     Troup 62
Boyd farm property
Boyer, Joan
Bradbury, Octavia
Brandt, Nancy
Brant, Dr. J. W.
Bratigam, Carl
Brick street
Bridge collapses
Bridge, Mulberry Street
Broadwell Avenue
Broadwell, Chalon (ca. 1813-1856)
Broas, Michael
Brockway block
Brockway, Rev. William H. (1813-1891)
     Albion county
     Winter-Lau Field
Brooks Foundry News
     Henry D. (1911-1970)
     John G. (1850-1909)
     Robert, Jr.
Brownell, Charles and Nettie 50th wedding anniversary
Brownridge Drug Store
Brownridge, Joseph and Marjorie
Broxholm, Clare
Broxholm, Fern
Buckler, Don
Building anniversaries
Bullen & Tucker Clothing Store
Bullen's Big Busy Store
Buried treasure
Burger Chef
Burger Chef construction 1967 Burgess, Sarah
Burkwall, Karen
Burma Shave Signs
Burnett, Winfred
Burstein, Steve
Byrd, David Curtis


Cable television
Cady, George N.
Caines Paint Store
Caines, George W. (1922-2003)
Calhoun County Early days
Calhoun County Fair
California Gold Rush
Cameron by Patricial Averill
Camp Fire Girls
Campbell, Alice (Doctor)
Capital of Michigan (candidacy)
Carrigan, Leland and Anne (Dubina)
Carriage barn
Carrington Drugs
Cascarelli, Robert (1856-1932)
     1910 kissing incident
     Black Hand Threat
     Children ca. 1910
     Fruit Market
Cass Street
Cass Street Bridge
     Dedication stone marker
     Frank laying brick
CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps)
Cement Casket Company
Cemetery, South (see also Riverside Cemetery)
Censor Theatre
     1880, Sojourner Truth
          Agricultural census
          Calhoun County
          Enumerators 1
          Enumerators 2
          Native American Census
     1922 (Estonian badge)
     1923 (Lithuanian badge)
          The Three Stooges
          Sample page
     Commemorative postcard
     Genealogical Research
     The Boy With the U.S. Census
     The Orphan Train
     Wonderful US Census Taker
Centennial Celebration
     Queen's Court
          1994 article
          1998 article
Centennial Farm Postcard
Central Grocery
Central School
     Jr. High Wing
Central Telephone Company
Chandler, Robert
Cheek family
Cheung, Lee
Chicken Hatchery
Chippewa students, Albion College
Christmas, see also Santa Claus
     in many languages
Christmas Parade, see also Santa Claus
     1954 (circa)
     1960 (circa)
Church, Lura (Warner) (1897-1883)
     Eckford Free Methodist Church
     First Assembly of God
     Free Methodist
     History in Albion
     Holy Ascension Orthodox Church
     New Hope Worship Center
     Rev. Fitch
     Rev. Grant
     Russian Baptist Church
          1920 Photograph
          Part I
Cigar Factory
Circus parade
Citgo Service Station
City Band      Gus Dickerson Directing
     Victory Park
City Council, 1954-5
City Hall
City Paint Shop carriage barn
Civil Defense
Civil War
     Comstock Brothers
     Gale token
     Union Clinchers
          Beadle, William Henry Harrison
          GAR Hall
          Gardner, Washington
          Gay, Seymour
          Graves, Phineas
          Riverside Cemetery
          Stone, George
Civilian Conservation Corps
Clarence Township
     Dog Tag 1903
     Historical Society
     History Book
     Snyder Family
Clark, Philo
Clark's Flowers
Cleanup Day 1907
     Grover (1886-1967)
     Grover, Prize cucumbers
Clift Block
     1870 Photograph
     Downtown grocer
     From the archives
Coal Mining, see Mines
Cobblestone home
Cold War
Cole, Lawrence W.
College, see Albion College
Coliseum Skating rink
College Currency, 1889-1890
Colson Service Company
Comfort Station
Commercial Hotel
     100 years ago
     Porter Street
Commerical and Savings Bank
     Bounty on swatted flies
     Brown, John G.
Commonwealth Power
Comstock Brothers
     From the Archives
     Historical Notebook
Conant, Henry C. (1846-1927)
Condit, Michigan
Conley, M. Darrell
Connor, Ruth (Rhodes) (1896-1999)
Consumers Powerhouse
     1937 Employees photograph
     1957 Display
     1993 article
     2007 article
     Office once passenger station
Cook Manufacturing Company
     Cement Casket Company
     Wolcott Union Windmill Company
Cool, Adah
Cool, LaVanchie (1882-1935)
Copperhead Democrats
Dubina, Harry, Corn Borer Book
Cornell, Ezra (1807-1874)
     Phoebe (Cornell) Wood
     Telegraph Company
Cornell, King G.
Corning Glass Works
     Ball Team 1954-5
     Basketball Team 1954
     Contract negotiations early 1950s
     Union contract
Coronation of 1911 (opening days in London)
Coulson, Victor (1892-1982)
Court Records
Courter, Franklin C.
Covey, Erastus G.
Craighead, Rev. Walter (1892-1978)
Crane, Marcus H.
Crawford, Joan (1904-1977)
Cronin Frog Farm
Crowell, Jesse (1797-1872)
     Albion pioneer
     oil discovery
     the passing scene
Crowell School; Class of 1971
Crumbsby, Grover
Culbertson, Mark
Culver, Nancy
Currency, Albion $10 Banknote
     Ulysses, Tom, and James
     William (1896-1930)


D.A.R. Rock
Dairy Businesses
     Milk Bottle
     Sweeney Dairy;
Dalrymple Block
Dalrymple School
     Aid package to Greece 1954
     Constructed 1918
Dalrymple Woods
Dalrymple, Charles Wylie (1838-1907)
Dance School
Dannivick, Michigan
     Frank H. (1869-1945)
Davis, George N. (1834-1916)
Davis, Mildred
     Floyd and Ethel wedding anniversary
     George (1872-1932) Sidewalks
     George E., Union Steel
     George Vail
          Henry Montgomery (1839-1927)
          A Century Ago
          Albion National Banknote
          Bank Failure 1912
          Bank Scandal
          100th Anniversary of Bank Failure
     Palmer M.
Death Valley Days story
Debate Team, 1955
Decoration Day
Deer Hunting, see also Hunting
Depression, 1933
Depression Parade
     Flag stop
     Furniture Store Fire
Devlin, Alice Beaumont (Peabody) (1913-1933)
Devoe, George and Luella (Clawson) 50th wedding anniversary
Dew's Floral House
     Arthur H. (1873-1950)
          Dew's Floral House
          Closing of Clark's Flowers
     Gwendolyn Janet (1903-1993)
          at Albion College
          at UM
          Emperor Hirohito
          Engraved brick at Veteran's Memorial
          Garage sale
          Hiroshima 1946
          Jaycees 1955
          Michigan History article
          Morning Star article
          MY GOD, A WOMAN!
          Reporter and Photographer
          War effort
     Louise E. (1871-1963)
Deyoe, Elizabeth
Dick's Shoes
Dickerson's Cleaners
Dickie, Dr. Samuel (1851-1925)
Dickie’s Folly
Displaced Persons Camp Money
Divi Divi adventure
Dixon, Henry
Dog Pound, 1907
Dog tax
Domingo, Joseph
Domingo, Larry
Doolittle Family
     Reunion in August 1905
Dorris, Irma
Dorris, Wesley Irma
Downtown, see also Market Place, Superior St.
     1866 Bird's eye view
     Brick street
          Dug up
     Bullen's Big Busy Store
     Businessmen photograph
     Carrigan Grocery
     Cartwright Shoes
     Christmas Parade
     Citizens Bank sign
     Clift Block
     Comfort Station
     Commercial Hotel
     Dalyrmple Block
     Driscolls Market
     Erie Street
     Eslow Block
          1919 Fire
          Lottie Eslow building
     Five cent tokens
     Frank Bennett Pool Hall
     Gale Manufacturing
     Howard Hall
     Hurley Block
          Historical notebook
          Maher Planning Mill
     Irwin Block
     JC Penneys
     Loomis Block
     Market Place
     McGuire Saloon
     Murdock Block
     Parker-Kessler Block
     Peabody Block
          Peabody brothers
     Sidewalk Days
     Snug Barbershop
     Stone Mill
     Sweet Block
     Thompson and Courtright Livery
     Union Store
     Wallace Brothers Circus Parade
Dress-up Day
Drug Stores
     Blair, Homer C.
     Van Gorden
Dubina's Tavern
Duck Lake
     Albion landing
     Boat House Token
     Boat office
     Boat Office
     Clarence Township
     Ladies Endeavor Society
     Sea Serpent
     Tree in Road
Dubina, Harry, Corn Borer Book
     Joseph (Colonel USAF) (1903-1964)
     Mildred (Beilfuss) (1899-1976)
Dudek, Frank and Dorothy (Dietrich)
Duncan, David (1810-1868)
     1993 article
     1999 article
          Historical Notebook
Dungey, Donald
Dupark, Earl
Durkee and Beilfuss Sidewalks
Durkee, Willard
Dutch Elm Disease
     1954 opening
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Part 3
     Park 4


E-Award from Army-Navy
     Service Caster and Truck Co.
     Union Steel
Eagle Temple
Earth Day, 1970
Eaton Street
     aka Plastic Road
     Bridge Plaque
          American Way Restaurant
          Enco Service Station
          Satellite Drive-In
          Star Lite Motel
          Yankee Store
     Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial Highway
Eckford Village
     Early History
     Free Methodist Church
     Post Office
          A century ago
Eddy, Dave
Edwards, Edward (1763-1845)
Egg House
Egnatuk family
Eldred, Rev. Andrew Jackson
     Union Clinchers
Election Tickets
Electric Power Generator
Electrocution Tragedy
Elms Buggy Company
Elms, Frederick L.
E. L. T. Club
Emancipation Day
     Battle Creek
     Key to photograph
Emmons, Andrew
Enco Service Station
Ensign, Charles (1828-1904)
Erhardt, Frederick (1827-1912)
Erie Street
Eslow block
     Torn down
     Lottie Eslow building
Eslow Mills
     Lottie (Pierce) (1840-1871)
Estelle, Diane
Ethnic History, see also Immigrants
Ethnic Tour of Riverside Cemetery
Evans, Gladys
Euro in Lithuania (numismtatics)
European Hotel


     Elms Buggy Company
     Harvard Industries
     Lonergan Manufacturing Company
     National Spring and Wire Company
     Union Windmill Company
     Wolcott Union Windmill Company
     see also Albion Malleable Iron Company
     see also Cook Manufacturing Company
     see also Gale Manufacturing Company
     see also Hayes Wheel Company
     see also Service Castor and Truck Company
     see also Union Steel Products
     April 1994 article
     August 1998 article
     Farmer's picnic
     Program and Map
Fairview Park
Falling Water Bike Trail
Falling Waters Park
Fanning, Patrick
Farley, William
Farley, Rev. William (1807-1872)
Farmer's Picnic 1908
Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD
Felch, Governor
     Konrad (1896-1981), Barber shop
          1998 article
          2004 article
Ferguson, Fenner (1814-1859)
Festival of the Forks
     40th anniversary
     Frontier Days
     Historical notebook
     Trade Dollars
Find-a-grave (
Fire Department
     Arched entrance
     Fire bell
     Fire Station
     South Side of W. Cass St.
     Union Hose Company
First Assembly of God
First National Bank of Albion
Fish, Emily (Maitland) (1843-1931)
Fisher, John
Fisher, Keith
Fisher, Mary Frances Kennedy (1908-1992)
     From the Archives
     Historical Notebook
Fiske, Lewis Ransom (1825-1901)
Fitch, Andrew Mason
Fitch Street Chapel
Fitch, Andrew Mason (1815-1887)
Fleisher, Louis, Sam, and Harry
Fletcher, Vicky
Flood of 1908
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Part 3
     Cass Street Bridge
     Digging for gold in Albion
     East Erie St. Bridge
     Chickens Floating on a Doghouse
     Linden Avenue
     March 1908
     view of Cass Street Bridge
     view from roof of powerhouse
Flu, 1918
Food Stamp Tokens
Football, see Albion High School, Football team
Ford, Sherman
Forks, The
Fortnightly Club
     John G. (1858-1929)
Franklin, Ruth
Fraternal Order of the Eagles
Free Methodist Church See also Churches
Free Soil Party
Frog season of 1907
Frontier Days
     Ethnic history
     Festival of the Forks
Frosty Freeze
Frozen Man (unknown)


G.A.R. Grand Army of the Republic
     GAR Hall
          1910 Photograph
          Demolition 1960
G.O.P. Grand Old Party, see also Republican Party, Under the Oaks
Gale Manufacturing Company
     Augustus Gale
     Cabbage Head card
     Civil War Token
     Downtown Location
     Fast Pitch Softball Team
     Gale News
     Management Photograph
     Mechanic's Street
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Workers in 1915
     Augustus J. (1834-1923)
     Elliott C. (1866-1951)
     George Henry (1826-1906)
     Augustus Porter
     Washington (1845-1928)
          Albion College Medals
          High School
     Washington, Civil War Veterans
Gas Company Picnic 1944
Gay, Seymour
Genealogical Research
     Alien registration forms
     Census Records
     DP periodicals
     Lithuanian Geneology Message Boards
     Naturalization Records
     Ship Arrival Records
     Surname Message Boards
George T. Bullen Company See also Bullen
Geyer, Bob
Giants Baseball Team 1949
Gillespie, Mark
Girl's Softball Team 1944
Godding, Fred
     Acting Career
     High School Football 1891
Goins, Frank
Gold Mine
Gold Top Dairy
Gonzales, John
Gothic Millrace
Grandma Cady, 95th birthday
Grant's Hospital (see also Hospitals)
Grant, Dr. Isaac (1759-1841)
     New Tombstone
     Old Tombstone
     Phineas (1826-1904)
          Union Clinchers
     William W.
Grazulis, Marius K.
Gregoroff, Asen
Gregory, Helen
Grenevitch, George (1893-1985)
Griffin family
Groff Brothers Lumber Company
Groff, Nellie
Grosvenor, Cyrus Pitt (1792-1879)
Grosvernor, Sr., The Hon. Ebenezer O. (1783-1871)
Ground Observer Corps
     City hall roof
     Youth corps
Growing Up in Albion (book)


Haddon, Amos
Haeske, Mrs. Margaret (Farley)
Hafford, Doris
Hafford, Dr. George C.
Hagerman, Clarence
Hammill, Caleb Wild (1863-1921)
Hang Your Hat In Albion
Hanks, Gary
Hannah Street
     George (1823-1906)
     Marvin (1796-1876)
Harper, Roberta
Harrington Cemetery Urn
Harrington Elementary School
Harris, Rick
Harrod, Helene
     Phillip (1862-1916)
     Willoughby (1870-1904)
Harvard Industries merge with Hayes-Albion
Hawk, William
Hayes-Albion Corporation
Hayes, Clarence B. (1866-1955)
Hayes Wheel Company
     Hub newsletter
     Workers 1925
Healthcare (see also Hospitals)
     From the archives
     Research paper
Heidenreich, Dr. Lawrence J.
Henderson, Ted
Henry, Rex
Hermit of Albion, David Duncan
Highway I-94 (see also I-94)
Hockey, 1966
Hodge’s Hall
Hogan, Earl
Hollingsworth, Elliott Woodbridge
Hollon, Addie
     Bank Failure of 1912
     Pardon by President Taft
Holt, Finis
Holy Ascension Orthodox Church
Honor Roll Billboard see also Cascarelli's Window
Hook & Ladder Company
Hopper, George
Hooper, Warren Greene (1905-1945)
     Anniversary of murder
     Payoffs in the Cloakroom
Horse Head Tokens
Horse Hitching Posts
Horse troughs
     Albion Hospital on Ash Street
     Grant's Hospital
     History of
          From the Archives
          Research paper
     Sheldon Memorial
          Sheldon Manor
          Sheldon Place
Hotel Albion
     A Century Ago
Howard Hall
Howell School
Huffer, Charles
Hull, Hellen (1888-1971)
Humorous laws
Humorous stories
Humphrey Dairy
Humphrey, Philip E. (1886-1954)
Hungerford, Cyrus B.
Hunt, Lynn Bogue (1878-1960)
     A Century Ago
     Part 1
     Part 2
     1930 Photograph
     Billinghurst, Charles
     Deer ca 1927
     Rod and Gun Club
Hurley Block
Hurst, Solomon (1819-1895)


     Railroad crossing
          2000 article
          2008 article
     Sign on C Drive North
     Welcome to Albion Sign
Odd Fellows, International Order of Odd Fellows, see I.O.O.F
     Albion History
     Census Data
     Eastern Europe
          collected articles
          Historical notebook
          Special feature article
     Ship Records
Indians (at Albion College), see Chippewa, Ojibway, Potawatomi
     2000 article
     2002 article
Influenza, 1918
Inter-High School Athletic Association
International Order of Odd Fellows, see I.O.O.F.
Interurban Electric Railroad
     1914 Trestle
     Car Removed
     From the Archives
     Office Building
     Tracks Laid
     Odd Fellows
Irish Hills (near Jackson, Michigan)
Irwin Avenue
Irwin Block
     Commercial Savings Bank
     Frank L.
     Samuel V. (1823-1890)
     Henry S. (1830-1901)
     Horace S. (1830-1901)
     Mary (Peabody) Sheldon (1832-1905)


J. W. Brant Company
Jacobs, Carl
JC Penny Company
Jewett & Knapp Dry Goods Store
Jiles, Milla Mae
Joan Boyers School of Dance
Johnson, Lyle
Johnson, Pat
Johnson, Andrew (US Presidential visit)
Jolly Operators
Jordan, Rev. Henry (1831-1914)
Journal of Albion
Judy, Eddie
Justice Dockets


Kabel, Bernhard "Ben" and Bertha 50th wedding anniversary
Kalamazoo River, Carriage Barn
Kalamazoo River
     Albion use of
     Black Ditch
     Dredging 1978-79
     Flood of 1908
          From the archives
          Historical notebook
     Millpond Dredging
     Newburg Road
     Riverside Cemetery Bridge
     The Forks
     Victory Park Dam
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Kehoe, John (1921-2010)
Keller, Hellen (1880-1968)
Kelly, Marilyn Jean
Kelsey-Hayes Corporation
Kemp, Harold
Kennedy, John F. (1960 campaign visit)
Kerr, Helen Lucina (Sheldon) (1903-1997)
Kessler, Warren S. (1845-1933)
     Albion Malleable
     Historical notebook
Key to the City of Albion
     Martin Luther, Jr.
Klein, Jackie
Klimikewicz, John (1883-1953)
J.W. Knapp Company
Knapp House
Knapp, Joseph W.
Knoblauch, Deanne
Knorr, Kenneth
Kopp, Charles (1880-1960)
Koroluk Confectionary
Koroluk, Paul (1888-1967)
Kostelanetz, Andre
Kracko, Lorraine
Krenerick, Miriam E. (1882-1957)
Kulikowski Family, 1940s
Kulikowski, Nikodemas "Mike"
Kurtz, Tim


LaFoon, South Dakota
Lake Shore Michigan Southern Railroad
     $1000 Gold Bond
     Hillsdale to Lansing
     Erie (1894-1983)
     James (1797-1867)
Landers, Ann (receives the key to the city)
Lane, Creighton
Langworthy, Floyd
Larry, Paula
Leggett, Rev. Andrew J.
Leisure Hour Club
     A Century Ago
     Mary Sheldon
Leonard, William H. and Betsey (Munroe)
Lewis, Ed
Lewis, Betsey (1798-1851)
Lincoln Penny
Lindley, William D. (1891-1962)
Linn, Max
Lithuanian culture
     Alexander Rackus
          Christmas cards
          Lodge tokens
     Census Badge 1923
     collected articles
     Lithuania lunch token
     Litu banknote
     Marius K. Grazulis
     Petras Rimsa
Lithuanians in Albion
     Balzekas Museum Review
     Genealogical Research
     Historical Notebook
     Nikodemas Kulikauskas
Little Drummer Boy (George W. Stone, (1849-1921)
     Part 1
     Part 2
Little Red Lunch Box Cafe
Little Red Schoolhouse
Lloyd Park
     From the Archives
     White Mill site
Lloyd, Thomas T. (1912-1978)
Locke, Ralph (1916-2004)
Loder, William M. (1839-1924)
Lohrke Brothers
Lonergan Manufacturing Company
Ludlow, Frank Saxton
Luedtke Brothers
Lutzke, Nancy


Maccabees, Ladies of the
Macy, Anne Sullivan
Magnotta, Alfonso A. (1913-1963)
Maher House
Maher, George (1823-1896)
     Charles R. (circa 1905)
     John, Sr. (1837-1916)
Maitland, Emily (1843-1931)
Malleable, see Albion Malleable Iron Company
Mallory Street
Manning, Henry
Maple City Dairy Company
Maple City Dairy, 1920
     1858 Village Plat Map
     Albion for State Capital
     Birds Eye View of Albion, 1890
          Pt. 1
          Pt. 2
          Pt. 3
          Pt. 4
          Pt. 5
          Pt. 6
     Cook Manufacturing Company
     Eckford Township
     Fairview Park
     I-94 Exits
     Ismon Farm
     J. W. Brandt Company
     Lafoon, South Dakota
     Market Place
     Rice Creek
     The Forks
March, Debbie
Marengo Village
     Part 1
     Part 2
Market Place, see also Downtown
     Albion Elevator
     Cass Street Bridge
          Dedication stone market
          Frank laying brick
     Chicken Hatchery
     Consumers Powerhouse
     Early History
     Farmer's sheds
     Frog Pond Building
     Maple City Dairy
     WCTU Building
Marshall Rest Stop MDOT Map
General Marshall’s Victory Report (World War II)
Martin, Gordon
Masonic Murat Lodge
Mather, George V. (1910-1992)
Matthews, George
Mayhew, Ira (1814-1894)
     Civil war tokens
     College scrip
     College Scrip Notes, 1870
     Practical Book-Keeping
Mayor McAuliffe, 1908
Mayors of Albion
Mc-Graw Edison Service Award Employees
McCarty, Blanche
McCormick, Walter
McCracken, Christine
McCracken, Joe
McDougal Coal Yard
McGraw-Edison Humidifiers
McGuire Brothers
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Part 3
McGuire Saloon
     2 1/2 cents token
     Horsehead token
     James (1863-1936)
          Baseball Card
          Detroit Tigers
          Historical Notebook
McKinney, DeLane
Mechanic's Street
Megalodon Shark Tooth
     D.A.R. Rock
     G.A.R. Boulder
     G.A.R. Cannon
     Riverside Cemetery Historical Marker
Merritt, Agnes
Mexican-American history in Albion
Michigan Artificial Ice Products Company
Michigan Avenue
     Newburg Mill
Michigan Central Railroad depot
Michigan Central track
Michigan Gazetteer
Michigan Historical Collections
Michigan State Archives
Michigan Wolverines
Michniewicz, Victoria (1902-1979)
Milk Bottles, Gem Dairy
     Darleen Wellington (1885-1978)
     John I.
Mindeman, George
     Aluminum Token
          Part 1
          Part 2
          Part 3
Miriam Cookbook
Missionaries from Albion
Mitchell, George (1860-1933)
     December 1907
     Sam Vafiadis
Modern Woodmen of America No. 1929
Mollica, Stephen
Montcalm Lake
Moore, Johnny
Moose Lodge
     1912 Banquet
     1940 officers
Morgan Field
Morgan, Reva
Morning Star
     Albion 100 Years Ago articles
     Historical Notebook articles
Morrison, William V.
Morton Salt
Mosley, Jesse
Moss, Amelia (Stark) and William 50th wedding anniversary
Mother's Cupboard Restaurant
Mother's Day
     Commemorative envelope
     John Oaks birthday party
     Juliet Calhoun Blakely
Mounteer Bakery
     1500 visitors
     1911 Photograph
Mudge, Lucy Torrey (1861-1903)
Municipal Bath House
Murdock Block
Murphy, Leatta
Murray, Montford B.
Myers, Otis
Mymochod West End Market
Mymochod, John (1884-1961)


National Exchange Bank of Albion
National Geographic, Albion Soldiers in WWII
National Recorvery Administration (NRA)
National Spring and Wire Company
Native Americans, see Chippewa, Ojibway, Potawatomi
Naturalization Records
     Balzekas Review
     Historical notebook
New Hope Worship Center
Newburg Mill
     1963 Photograph
     Photograph of dam
Newburg Road
     Albion Leader
     Albion Mirror
     Albion Recorder
     Gale News
     Headlines January 2, 1911
     Journal of Albion
     Paperboys 1954
Nichols School
Nineteenth Century Albion
Noakes, Carson
Noble, Arthur G.
Nobles, Irma
North Eaton Street, see Eaton Street
Norton, John
Nowlin, Frank (1869-1940)
Numismatic Articles
Numismatic Items, 1993 Pope John Paul II Commemorative
Nutt, Barbara


Oak Grove
Oak Meadows Sheep Massacre
     Part 1
     Part 2
Oakes, Allen
Obertries, Bernard
O’Hara, James K. (1845-1925)
Oil Wells
     Jesse Crowell
     Turtle Drilling Company
     Land of Falling Waters
     Students at Albion College
Old Fashioned Days, 1959
The Old Rugged Cross
     From the Archives
     Historical Notebook
     The Sequel
Opera House
     1957 photograph
     1976 Photograph
     Early entertainment
Orphan Train
     Part 1
     Part 2
     Part 3
Osburn, Charles (1865-1917)
Osborn, Harry
     Carrie (Snyder) (1877-1959)
Overland Automobile Sales
     1916 photograph
     1918 photograph


Paddock-Hubbard House Museum
Pagoda Restaurant
     Dr. Elizabeth
     Dr. Elmore (1839-1909)
Palwaukee Airport
Panoramic Photographs
     Emancipation Day
     1916 Overland Automobiles
     1918 Overland Automobiles
     Veterans 1919
     Student Army Training Corps 1918
Paperboys; Recorder Paperboys; Albion Recorder Paperboys
     1954 Albion College Homecoming
     Calhoun County Fair
     Centennial Parade
          ca 1960
     Depression Parade
     Ladies of the Maccabees
Parker Inn
     Give a thought to Albion
     Prominent Landmark
     Horace Jr.
Parker-Kessler Block
Partello Village
Passic, Amy
Pauli, Clemens J.
Pavluchik Grocery
Peabody Block
Peabody Place
     David (1823-1873)
     Nellie (Robinson) (1865-1904)
     Paul Tenney (1793-1856)
          A Peabody Returns
          Died at home
          Festival of the Forks
          Mill Race
Pearl Street Pee-Wee Baseball
Pemberton, Miss (Camp Fire Girls)
Penneys Store
Penney, J. C.
Perine, Jacob Harson (1840-1942)
Peterson, Roy
Pewsey, Kathy (1958 birthday party)
Phipps, Nema (1888-1970)
Pickens Bowling Alley
Pierce, Emily (1856-1909)
Pierce, Pat
Pioneer recollections Pizza Pete's
Plastic Road
Police, see Albion Police Department
Poll Parrot Tea Room
Pons, Lily
Ponto Sink Hole
Poppy Day, May, 1954
Porr & Gassette bottle
Porr, Marie (1869-1926)
Porter Street
Porter's Bike Shop
Post Office
     Mother's Day
     South Albion
     Downtown Albion
     J. W. Brant Company Workers
     not really Albion
Potawatomi Students at Albion College
Powell, Judy
Pray, Thomas G.
Prouty Locks
     L. W.
     Lewis (1867-1937)
Purple Gang
     Part 1
     Part 2
Putnam School
Putnam, Orlin H. (1814-1897)


Queens Court, Centennial Celebration
     1990 article
     1994 article
Quigg Advertising Blotter
     Albion History
     Wise Owl


Raboken, Dan
Rackus, Alexander M. (1893-1965)
     Christmas cards
     Lodge tokens
Radio Tokens
Raftery, John
Rager, Violet
Rahfeldt, Dan
          bird nest
     Depot restoration
     Detroit, Toledo & Milwaukee
     Interurban Electric Railroad
          Car removed
          Early use
          From the Archives
          Historical Notebook
     Lakeshore and Michigan Southern Railroad
          Depot 1894 photograph
          Depot 1989 article
          Depot 1996 article
Red Arrow Highway
Red Cross
Red Mill
     as Mill
     as Power House
Reed Cemetery
     Asa W. (1825-1891)
Republican Party
     Business Meeting of 1899
     Named in Albion
     Payoffs in the cloakroom
     Under the Oaks
Republican Rally, 1904
Revolutionary War Veterans, Nathan Wood
Rice Creek
Richards, Harry
     Albion Garage Sales
     Albion Motor Sales
Rieger Park
     Skating Pond
     Skating Shelter
Riggs, Steve
Rimsa, Petras (1881-1961)
River, see Kalamazoo River
Riverside Cemetery
     1996 Tour
     Abbey Mausoleum
          Photograph of interior
     Drive (M-9, later M-99)
     Fish pond
          2002 article
          2007 article
     G.A.R. Star Flag Holder
     Gold Star Park
     Harrington Urn
     Historical Marker
          Civil war
     Kalamazoo River dredging
     Land Purchase
     Old Gravel Road
     People Who Never Died
          Part 1
          Part 2
          Part 3
     Sheldon Mausoleum
     Steel-Arch Bridge
Road project, see also I 94 and Superior Street
     Ezra C.
     Rosetta Mary (Berry)
Rohwedder, Otto
Roller Skating World Champion
Romanchuk, Mary Jo
Romney, Willard "Mitt"
Roosevelt, Theodore
Root Beer Stand
Ross, Carol
Roudenbush, Frank
Rousseau Harness Company
Ruff, Joseph
Runyan, Cecil A.
Russell Furnace Company
Russian Baptist Church
     Part 1
     Part 2
Rustenholtz Grocery


Sacharski, Jerry
Sackrider Farm
San Francisco earthquake aid sent, May 1906
Sanders, Ron
Santa Claus
          On fire ladder
Satellite Drive-In
Schaffner, William D. (1876-1948)
School Bell
School of Dance (Norma Jean Miller School)
     1963 photograph
     The Sleeping Beauty photograph
Schools (see also Albion High School, Albion College)
     Albion Business College
     Austin School
          First Modern School
          100 years old in 2011
     Central School
     Dalrymple School
     Riceville School
          Amerton Village
     Snyder School
     St John School
     Washington Gardner School
     West Ward School
Schultz, Judy
Schumacher, Carl Ludwig (1840-1901)
Schuring, John
Schwab, Tom
Scott, Eva
Scribner, Clement wedding anniversary
Scuba Diving
     Divi Divi near Bonaire
     at Lime Lake
          Unusual Dive Site
          Trail Access
          New Scuba Diving Trail
Seelye's Mens Wear, Tiny Bonds
Sellers, Clarence W.
Service Caster and Truck Company, Employees Photographs
     1995 article
     1997 article
Sharp, Perry
Sheep Massacre
     Part 1
     Part 2
Sheldon Memorial Hospital (see also Hospitals)
     Radio Tokens
     James W. (1830-1894)
     Lucina (Gale) (1836-1901)
Sheldon-Ismon house
     part 1
     part 2
Sheldon-Ismon, Mary (Peabody) (1832-1905)
     Horace Ismond (her father)
     Passes away
Ship Records
     Geneological research
     Historical notebook
Shuart, Mrs. Rose
     Dean, George
     Durkee and Beilfuss
     Lohrke Brothers
     Peabody Place
Signor, Danny
Simmons, Frank M.
Sindeuise, Dr. Gordon
     Henry (1835-1905)
          1993 article
          1996 article
Sloan, Patricia
Snowstorm, 1908
Snug Barber Shop
     1911 photograph
     1915 photograph
Snyder Family
Snyder School
Snyder, Delos D. (1844-1933)
Snyder, Mrs. Lon
Soule, Harrison (1832-1922)
South Albion Cemetery
South Dakota, LaFoon Village
Spanish Influenza, 1918
     in Albion
     Slade, Henry
     slate writing
Sports, see Baseball, Basketball, Football
Spring Arbor
     1870 Photograph
     Bank Closing
St James Church Bell
St John School
Stanham, Randy
Star Lite Motel
Starr Commonwealth for Boys
     100 years old
     1952 Christmas Stamp
     Military stamps
Steel, William (1832-1915)
Steel-Arch Cemetery Bridge
Steele, Alfred N. (1901-1959)
Steinkraus, Ferdiand J. (1844-1918)
Stem, Fred
Stockton, Sonny
Stoffer Plaza
Stokoe, Ernest
Stone Mill
Stone, George W. (1849-1921)
     Part 1
     Part 2
Stream, northern Albion
Street signs
Streeter, Lawrence
     abandonment case
     case dismissed
Student Army Training Corps
     1918 photographs
     Panoramic photograph
Suffrage Movement in Albion
Sullivan's Rainbow Dairy Bar
Superior Street see also Downtown
     1940 Rebricking Project
     1940 Repavement
          From the archives
          Historical notebook
     1954 dug up
     1964 Sidewalk Project
     1993 bricks
     A Superior Future
     The Passing Scene
Surname Message Boards
Sweeney Dairy
Sweet, Harvey (1851-1933)
     at Dudeks
     at Dutchtown
          1953 Water Ballet
          View of bridge


Talent Show 1955
Talent show, 1950
Tate, Ethel (Snyder) (1901-2006)
Tawney, Terry
Taylor, Charles and Bessie, 50th anniversary
Taylor, Debbie
Taylor House
Taylor, Rev. Charles (1804-1898)
     50th anniversary
Telegraph Service
     Marion Beer
     Portable (in 1903)
     Telephone Company
     Telephone Poles
Tennis team, ca 1957
Territorial Road
Territorial Road, Marker group
Tessaro, O. R.
Theaters, see also Albion Theatres
Thomas T. Lloyd building
Thomson, James
Thompson and Courtright Livery
Thomson's Flowers
Thrasher, Rush
Three-Quarters Century Club
     Milestones and Memories Book
     Miraim Krenerick
Tiger Baseball
Tik Tock Drive-in
Tokio Village
Toledo & Northwestern Railway
     Dr. Isaac Grant (1759-1841)
     see also Cemeteries, Riverside Cemetery
          Part 1
          Part 2
          Part 3
Tomchak's Grocery & Tavern
     1913 Tornado at the Malleable
     Tornado of 1913, Part 1
     Tornado of 1913, Part 2
Torrey family
     Aldis (1863-1924)
          1993 article
          2001 article
Trade Currency
     From the Archives
     Historical Notebook
Trade Dollars
Trade Token Mirrors
Trampoline Court
Transportation (see Railroad, Automobile, Interurban)
Tree City USA
Trine & Sons
Troop 62, Boy Scouts
Truss, Rev. Paul S. (1888-1960)
     Part 1.
     Part 2.
Truth, Sojourner
     A century ago
     Historical notebook
     in Albion
Tuchtenhagen, Arthur
Tuchtenhagen clock
Tuttle, Sarah M. & Samuel
Tyszko's Grocery


Under the Oaks
     Dr. Elmore Palmer
     Fenner Ferguson
     GOP Founding
     Republican Medal
Underground Railroad
     Amos Babcock
     Grandma Blakeley
     Sojourner Truth
     Taylor House
Union Clinchers
Union family, Solomon & Katie
Union Hose Fire Department
Union Steel Products
     Aerial View
     Army-Navy E-Award
     Christmas Turkeys
     Downtown Location
     Original location
     Salute to Veterans
     Softball Team, 1940
     Softball Team, 1947
Union Windmill Company
Union, Moses (1893-1989)
United States Civilian Conservation Corps
University of Michigan Wolverines
Upper Peninsula
     Albion Across the USA
     The Other Albion Michigan
Urban Renewal
     1967 photograph
     West Central area


Vafiadis, Sam (1895-1963)
     George Mitchell
Van Antwerp, D. J.
Van Dolar, William Raymond
Van Gorden Drug Store
Van Gorden, Louis C.
Van Ostrand, Dr. Henry
Vaughn, Jack Hood (1920-2012)
     1990s era photograph
     1940s era photograph
Vervaras, Gus (1899-1964)
     Civil War
          Beadle, William Henry Harrison (General)
          GAR Hall
          Gardner, Washington
          Gay, Seymour
          Hurst, Solomon
          Stone, George
          Union Clinchers
     Revolutionary War, Wood, Nathan
     Vietnam War Veterans
     World War I
          1919 full photograph
          1919 photograph segment
          Black soldiers
          Curtis, William
     World War II
Veterans Day
Veterans Way
Vickers, Penelope
Victory Park
     1939 Photograph
     Band Shell
          DDT Fog
          Gar Dickerson Conducting
     City Band
     Dam and fishladder
     Dam with silhouette
     Map of Albion
     Office Building
     Swimming Pool plans
Vietnam War Veterans
Village Presidents
Villages near Albion
     Bath Mills
Voter Registration, 1908

W - X

Wade Hospital
Wallace Brothers Circus Parade
WALM Radio Station
     Austin Avenue
     Dave Eddy
     Interview of local businessmen
Warner Farm
Warner, Asahel (1800-1879)
Ward-Bentley, Terry
     David S.
     Elnora Lucretia
     Mary Russell
          Tombstone in snow
          Tombstone, no snow
Warson, Jackie
Washington Gardner School, see also Albion High School
          Auto Repair Class
          Cooking Class
          Printing Class
     Dedication 1928
          Part 1
          Part 2
          Part 3
          Part 4
     Theatrical production 1941
Washington Park
Water Works
     2000 article
     2002 article
     N. Albion Street
     Pumping station
Weatherford, Richard
Weddings in Indiana
Weeks & Williams
Weitzel, Phillip (1845-1910)
     Alfred (1875-1953)
Welcome to Albion Sign
     Happy Birthday I-94
     Historical Notebook
Welton, James A.
West Central Urban Renewal
West Erie and Albion Street (house demolished)
West Ward School
     1990 article
     2005 article
     2009 article
Westbrook, Sue
Western Union Telepgraph Service
Western Union Telegraph Company
     Ezra Cornell
     Phoebe (Cornell) Wood
Wheat, Arthur
White Mill
     From the Archives
     Lloyd Park
     Henry Kirke Jr. (1862-1937)
     Henry Kirke Sr. (1839-1916)
Why Don't You Go Home?
Wickham, L.B.
Wiener, Norman H. (1891-1962)
     Caleb Wild Hammill
     John (1810-1871)
          Sheridan Township Supervisor
          John E.
     Levi (1781-1844)
          Family story
     Levi S.
     Sally (Edgerton)
          Family story
          1836 settled near Albion
Willey, Karen
Williams, Harry
Wilson, Everett
Winter-Lau Field
     A Century Ago
     Rev. Brockway
Wise Owl Quizette
Wochholz Twins
Wolcott Union Windmill Company
Wolverine CATV
Wolverines (U. Mich.) Football
Women's Christian Temperance Union Building
Women's Vote
     Nathan (1760-1846)
     Phoebe (Cornell)
Woody's Service Center
Worker Photographs
     Albion Malleable Iron Company
          1938 Malleable Officials
          Core Room
          Adult Laborers
          Child Laborers
     Gale Manufacturing
     Service Caster and Truck Company
          1995 photograph
          1997 photograph
World War I
     False Armistice Day
          Black solders
          Will Curtis
World War II
     Displaced Persons Camp Money
     General Marshall’s Victory Report
     Ground observers
     Honor Roll Billboard
     Red Cross
     Soldiers Embarking
     Victory Parade
Worthington, Earl
WWI, Armistice Day


Yankee Store
Yo-Ke Laundry
Zimmerman, Jeff


Zolota Oil Drops