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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, May 12, 2013, pg. 4

Each year at this time we feature the Albion High School Class of 100 years ago. The class of 1913 had 43 members. 23 were girls, and twenty were boys. The class motto was "Excelsior," a Latin word meaning "Higher." Class valedictorian was Ellen A. Glascoff.

The class officers were: president, Victor C. Dibble; vice-president, Hugh Wallace; Secretary, Ellen Glascoff; Treasurer, Wallace Pearson.

The 36th AHS Commencement was held on Thursday June 12 at the Methodist Church on E. Erie St., customary of those days. Commencement speaker was Professor T. W. Nadal of Olivet College, who spoke on the topic, "The Vision of Youth."

Here is the list of the members of the AHS Class of 1913. Are any of our readers related to these persons? Lillian J. Beaman, William J. Brady, Ernest C. Bretz, Edith L. Cool, Clara L. Cuatt, Frank D. Cummings, Truman H. Cummings, Dorothy Demorest, Victor C. Dibble, Lucy Eastman, Harold W. Ford, Clement A. Frye, Bernice B. Fuller, Anna E. Glascoff, Leo Patrick Hanlon, Aleta May Harmon, Ralph C. Huffer, Lela Bernice Johnson, Margaret E. Lee, Helen M. Long, Hope Lowry, Don T. McKone, Helen Marie McLane, Julia May Osborn, Vera V. Otis, Bertholdt F. Pahl, Wallace M. Pearson, Nellie C. Pease, Flossie B. Perry, Mabel Saunders, Albert F. Schumacher, Byron C. Smith, Albert Othneal Stone, Edith G. Sutton, Don C. Sweeney, Morton Joslyn Tomlinson, Marjorie N. Valentine, Hazel R. Vroman, Gardner C. Wakelin, Herbert H. Wallace, Edna E. Watson, and Thomas H. Whitehead. Do our readers recognize any of those names?

In looking through the list of names, a few of them stood out to yours truly as related to Albion history. Several of the boys in the class fought in World War I. One of them, Leo Patrick Hanlon (1894-1918), was the first Albion soldier to be killed in World War I. Our local American Legion Post No. 55 was named in his memory when it was organized in 1919.

Hope Lowry (1897-1981) became a long-time professor at Adrian College where she taught for 44 years. Dr. Lowry retired in 1964 as chairperson of the language department. Lowry Hall on the campus was named in her honor. Hope wrote articles in the Journal of Albion newspaper about her remembrances of growing up here.

Donald C. Sweeney (1895-1972) was an Albion Township farmer who served as Albion Township Supervisor from 1935 to 1971, and on the Calhoun County Fair Board from 1953 to 1967. He managed the Fair for many years.

This week from our Historical Notebook we present individual senior photos which have been laid out to form the numerals of the year "1913." This was published in the Breeze booklet at the time.

1913 Senior Photographs from the Albion High School "Breeze"


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