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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, April 23, 2017, pg. 16

Occasionally in this column Iíll pull out an old photograph from the Albion Malleable Iron Company, once Albionís major employer. World War II was a time of transition for the Albion Malleable Iron Company as it retooled itself for War production. It also meant a change of management as some of its key executives entered the armed services to serve our country. This week from our Historical Notebook we present a rarely-seen photograph of Albion Malleable Foremen and Supervisors, circa early 1940s. Two of my uncles are in this.

Front row, left to right: Unidentified, Frank Jasienski (1917-1979), Harold Soules, Glen Kemler (1909-1970), William Pasick (1917-1946), Harold Winchell (1914-1992), George Kachmar (1918-1989).

2nd row: Edward Kotz (1888-1971), Max Linn (1893-1965), Emil F. Holtz (1886-1954), George Schumacher (1896-1981), Anthony Klimek, Ernest Kabel (1878-1959), George Overy (1883-1946), Ross Green (1881-1955), Fred Kopp (1884-1961).

3rd row: Lloyd Putnam (1905-1967), Alfred Bascom (1899-1987), Steve Pasick (1910-1992), Paul Knop (1901-1986), Albert Stone (1896-1980), Kenneth Sanders (1905-1990), Harry Kline, Harold Ford (1896-1957), Steve Buinowski (1909-1998).

Top row: Louis Dobson (1909-1995), Floyd Murray (1896-1968), Paul Sawchuk (1905-1991), Unidentified, Lawrence Morris (1895-1970). How many of our readers remember these men?

Albion Malleable Foremen and Supervisors circa 1943


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