Men Who Cook

Albion Michigan Feb. 16, 2003

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Here, the men of the dessert line, hope that the guests have saved some room on their plates for the grand finale. Dr. Cram, a former "Michigan Doctor of the Year", can't help but take a tiny taste of his own creation.
 Not only do guests get to see their neighbors who they might not have had a chance to visit with lately, they also get a chance to get together with family. Here, one family sits together and breaks bread together.





Here, another famous Albionite talks with some friends of his. Frank Passic, left is best known as Albion's Historian. He is continually looking for history in the making, and is also fond of good food.

Visit his web site of Albion's Historical Notebook.


Or, if you were in the Albion High School class of 1971 along with Frank, find out about the class reunion.


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Some of the guests who attended this event, had so much style, that this writer asked them directly if she could take their picture.


This man agreed, and furthur agreed to show off his plate of delicious food that he was preparing to consume.




From the First Presbyterian Church of Albion, Reverend Jim Brazell (center) along with his assistant chef, Bill Sweeter, serve homemade delicacies. Reverend Ken Ponds, right, of Starr Commonwealth, puts the finishing touches on his dish to pass, as the crowds line up for the best feast of the year in Albion.

The women of Albion especially appreciate this day of all days. They don't have to cook and they don't have to clean up.

The Men of Albion appreciate those who appreciate good food. Here, Bill Hayes, and Paul Mowrer, are eager to serve the mystery guest in the red coat, a serving of each of their taste treats.


This lady was another who was kind enough to pose for a photo for this documentary of Men Who Cook. Her outfit was one of many that show Albion's pride in its ethnic diversity. Her plate of food was also looking good.

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