National Family Volunteer Day
Unity in the Spirit of America
November 9th-11th, 2002


The Albion Volunteer Service Organization joins the Points of Light Foundation and Volunteer Center National Network in their "Family Matters" initiative. A national program that focuses on developing models, building capacity, and raising awareness of the values gained from families volunteering together.

As a kick-off for this new program, AVSO will, for the first time, participate in the "National Family Volunteer Day" November 9th-11th, 2002. This day is an outgrowth from the "Family Matters" program and is a national call to action designed to generate enthusiasm among families seeking to strengthen their family units and meet serious social problems in their communities.

AVSO will conduct a food drive for the local Salvation Army Albion/Homer Service Unit on November 9th-11th, 2002. There will be an opening ceremony, two days in which to collect food, and a closing ceremony. The drop-off point for food will be at the AVSO located at 203 S Superior Street. Those collaborating on this effort include Albion College, Albion Public Safety Department, AVSO VolunTEENS, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the local VFW Post 3672 Ladies Auxiliary, Michigan Youth Challenge Academy, and others of the Albion Community. All food collected will be used locally.

A special component of this effort is that it will be done in memory of David Halderman(picture in inset), a firefighter who lost his life during the rescue attempt on September 11, 2001.

If your group/organization is interested in participating in this years "National Family Volunteer Day", please call Angie Cole, AmeriCorps Promise Fellow at the AVSO 629-5574. "National Family Volunteer Day" is also open to all organizations to develop events during November 9th-11th with themes of family and honoring those lost on September 11, 2001.



David Halderman, a firefighter who lost his life during the rescue attempt on September 11, 2001.

America's Families Volunteer, Show Helping is Healing

Nationwide effort improves communities, strengthens family bonds

-- To kick off the traditional season of giving, families across America are spending quality time together by volunteering to help others in the community National Family Volunteer Day.

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