Flag Ceremonies


The Albion Volunteer Service Organization joins the Points of Light Foundation and Volunteer Center National Network in their "Family Matters" initiative.

As a kick-off for this new program, AVSO will, for the first time, participate in the "National Family Volunteer Day" Families will meet for the opening ceremonies, conduct the food drive during the day, and meet again for the closing ceremony.

See our City-Wide Food Drive flier for more information.

Find out about "Unity in the Spirit of America."

OPENING CERMONYóSaturday, November 9th, 10 am

In front of Albion City Hall

10:00 am Welcome-Angie Cole

Opening Prayer-Mike Cupp, Caring Community Wesleyan Church

10:05 am Give background info on fallen fire fighters- Matt Seeyle

Bio on David Halderman & USA Initiative

10:10 am Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts opening flag ceremony-Troops

10:20 am Poem reading-Nick Mourning, Albion College Student

Try Not to Cry

10:25 am A Fireman Life-

10:30 am Moment of silence & fire truck siren.-

10:26 am Address food drive, tell the community what were doing-Gerry Retzloff.

Have Gerry talk about how many people Salvation Army services in the area & how this weekend will help
Food Drops will be 11/09 & 11/11 from Noon until 6pm, then also 7pm at the Flag Pole by City Hall on 11/11

10:32 am Closing Prayer-Stephen Williams, Grace Temple

Monday, November 11th , 7pm

In front of Albion City Hall

7:00 pm Welcome-Angie

7:05 pm Place a wreath-Group participated in Sat. evening event (maybe scouts & VolunTEENS could walk up)

7:07 pm Opening Prayer- Jacque Short, John 3:16 & Agape Family Center

7:10 pm Veterans and local heros honored ‚Garrett Brown & Calvin Wheeler

7:15 pm Michigan Youth Challenge Academy Drill Team

7:25 pmİİ Patriotic Song March in honor of Local Veterans

We will walk up Cass to Berrian to Erie to Clinton back to City Hall
Please bring candles and/or penlight flashlights to carry
Flags will be given to children to carry
Please dress for the weather

7:30 pm Announcement of amount gathered over the weekend-Gerry Retzloff

7:35 pm Color Guard Closing Ceremony Michigan Youth Challenge Academy

7:45 pm Taps Megan Blight

Quietly dismissed

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