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Greater Albion Alliance Meeting

February 8, 2002

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Current Medical Situation
Meeting was at the Middle School Special Events room, at 7:00 AM.
(Notes are best effort. Any omission is unintentional.)

Dr. Peter Mitchell opened with remarks, as did Bill Stoffer and Peggy Sindt. Mitchell remarks: he is an optimist regarding the current medical situation. Also stated there is a four week window of opportunity to solve the problem. Tom Hunsdorfer is new president. Greater Albion Alliance office is now located in the new EDC building by the post office.

A committee of nine people from the GAA has been formed to deal with the medical issue. Members include Harry Bonner, Bill Stoffer, Peggy Sindt, Peter Mitchell, with Barb Gladney acting as the 10th member, coordinating with the community. It was determined that the citizens are frightened, uncomfortable, uncertain, upset and uninformed about the medical situation.

Informing the concerned public will be dealt with by every means possible including the web and cable TV. Albion Ambulance has reconfigured itself in order to ensure efficient ambulance service. There are several initiatives that were in motion prior to the closing. A grant proposal to fund a primary health care clinic for the under-insured, non-insured will be presented by the end of this month. Nick Smith's office was represented and would act on the proposal. A consultant, Kathleen Williams, is working to coordinate/consolidate a number of health/medically related groups in town and the area.

Jackson and Calhoun County services need to be coordinated also. Human services, health services, religious services all need to connect. There is a school based health center in one school. Kathleen Williams is looking to expand to all schools. There is a study to tie into a Marshall/Battle Creek transportation system to ease mobility problems Albion residents have.

It was pointed out that churches need to be involved particularly to reassure their congregations that things will improve. Townships need to get involved as they are potentially more medically isolated. There were several basic medical needs of the community that were pointed out. Primary care, emergency, access to doctors, lab and diagnostics, prescriptions, minor surgery, physical therapy.

Interesting one was pointed out of the ability to handle chemical/biological decontamination. Potential funding via the State Police. Viewed as potential use of the hospital facility. It is important to note that "Emergency Room" is strictly defined by the state of Michigan and appears to require an adjoining full service hospital.

"Emergent Care" facility would receive, stabilize, and discharge or dispatch the patient. The Trillium Cherry Hill (Sheridan Township) facility is open for the foreseeable future. The Trillium Hospital Information Hotline number is: 888-430-8868.

Thanks to Doug Searls for this information.

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