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February 8, 2002

Health care is continuing in the Albion community. . . .

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In the wake of the closing of Albion's Trillium Hospital, Albion area residents' health care needs will continue to be met. Community leaders from area churches, businesses, service organizations, and schools have formed the Greater Albion Alliance Special Task Force on Health Care to address our community's health care needs.

The Greater Albion Alliance Special Task Force convened an open meeting for concerned citizens Feb. 8 at Albion Middle School. The Task Force heard from residents of Albion and surrounding communities, who voiced concerns but also generated many suggestions. In addition, local and state elected officials offered their assistance. Representatives of Calhoun and Jackson county health care organizations also were present.

In the weeks ahead, health care organizations from Battle Creek, Jackson, Marshall, and the surrounding areas will be making proposals to the Task Force for providing health care in Albion.

The Task Force will be communicating with Albion area residents through churches, schools, businesses, and service organizations. Task Force members want to reassure all Albion residents that every effort is being made to find a prompt and effective resolution to this situation. We hope to have a concrete plan in place in the next three to four weeks. Greater Albion Alliance Special Task Force on Health Care:

Harry Bonner Thomas Hunsdorfer (staff) Peggy Sindt
Jane Dean Clark Sue Marcos William Stoffer
William Dobbins Peter Mitchell Robert Thomas
Barbara Gladney (consultant) Katherine Padgett

This information provided by:
The Greater Albion Alliance
309 N. Superior St., Albion, Michigan 49224

See also an
article by a concerned citizen about this meeting with more information.

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