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November 4, 2002
Text and photos by Maggie LaNoue, unless otherwise indicated
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Here is the building site of the new Albion Family Health Center as it looked on Nov. 4, 2002, one day before the election. The health clinic is scheduled to be completed by December, 2002, less than one away. The building is a modular building, and will be lowered into place all on one day.

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Sue Marcos, President of Greater Albion Chamber of Commerce, described today as a "great day for Albion." She said the Albion has resilience, and ability to bounce back, and lots of teamwork which made the clinic project possible.

Marcos described the project as "truly a Calhoun County project," with collaboration between Albion, Battle Creek and Marshall.

Carrie Anderson, on the Albion Health Alliance Board, was overjoyed at the successful drive to make the Health Center possible. She said everyone worked hard, and continues to work hard, to make the clinic a reality.

Anderson said she was "just happy," and that she was "crying happy tears" at the community and area support.

Pat Garrett, President and CEO of Battle Creek Health Systems thanked everyone for the support and help to get the clinic going.

Rob Covert , President and CEO of Marshall's Oaklawn Hospital offered a challenge to Albion residents to support the new health center. He said we will now have an asset that needs to be used. He stated that the lack of local support of Albion's hospital was the cause of its financial problems. He said that other communities have "stuck their necks out" and that what happens next is "up to Albion."

Student representatives were helping hand out literature about the Albion Health Center, and had the opportunity to meet Ted Dearing, who is running for the Michigan State House of Representatives. Mike Noffs, his opponent in this race was also on hand.

The event was nonpartisan, and many elected officials were on hand, due to the election that is taking place tomorrow, Nov. 5.

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