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November 4, 2002
Text and photos by Maggie LaNoue, unless otherwise indicated
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A ceremonial groundbreaking took place today, Nov. 4, 2002 for the Albion Family Health Center. At left, is an architect's perspective rendering of the clinic, which is scheduled to be completed by December, 2002.


A.J. Jones, of the Family Health Center in Battle Creek and also in Albion next spoke. He said he agreed with Carrie Anderson about the primary feeling for the day which was that he was thrilled. He said that his agency was committed to Albion to provide primary health care services of the highest quality. He spoke of the Albion bumper sticker "I Believe in Albion" and agreed with that sentiment.

He said that he felt there was a great relationship that brought about the health center project, which was truly a county wide initiative.

Dr. Bill Dobbins, was next introduced as a graduate of Albion College, and an Albion boy who stayed in town. He is on the Health Care Task Force. Dobbins lead the crowd in a cheer for Albion: "Give me an A..." etc.

He said the closing of Albion's hospital is probably not going to be the last of Albion's hardships, that there probably will be more cutbacks, including at the City Government level.

He expressed his thanks to everyone, especially Albion College and Dr. Peter Mitchell for making us "dig down deep" and that we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. He said that Dr. Mitchell has been the "enthusiasm and life blood of the project, bringing people together, from the start."

He said that his "My Albion" button, which is from the college, could be applied to all citizens of Albion. "My Albion" means that we take ownership of the good things, as well as the problems. And just like a good property owner will take action to fix problems on their property, that we also are working together to fix problems in Albion.

The ground breaking ceremonial participants. Representatives from health care participants and business representatives posed for a photo opportunity.

Next, the politicos had an opportunity to dish up the dirt. They all seemed particularly apt at it.

(Just kidding guys!)

This photo "Courtesy Catherine Kerley/Albion Information Services"

This photo "Courtesy Catherine Kerley/Albion Information Services"
Finally, the real winners today, were the kids. These kids, from Crowell school, patiently waited during all the speeches, and eagerly got involved in helping out for their own future.


The event closed with special thanks given to the builders, Resun, and to Tom Hunsdorfer and others who worked behind the scene with the Albion Alliance to arrange details.

Read the Albion E-News article about this event by Catherine Kerley!

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