Boy Scouts Albion Michigan Troop 172

Minutes from the meeting of July 17, 2001


by Scribe Charlie

More minutes including calendar


July 17, 2001
Boy Scouts Meeting/Canoe Trip Aug. 10


remember a flashlight!!


Meal Schedule

Friday-dinner: eat your own before coming

Saturday-breakfast: fried potatoes, eggs, sausage, toast

Saturday-lunch: packed lunch (we will eat this while canoeing)

Saturday-dinner: bring your own meat, and share dish to pass

Sunday-breakfast: breakfast burritos, heuvos

Time Schedule

Friday- get at the campsite at whatever time

Saturday-7:30-we will wake up
Saturday-10:00-we will leave on the canoe trip
Saturday- aprox. 2:00-we will get back from canoe trip

Sunday-leave at what ever time


Cost of boats

2 person canoe for 4 hours-$32

4 person raft for 4 hours-$58

1 person kayak for 2-3 hours-about $9

1 person tubes are also available; details unavailable


***remember fishing gear if your interested in fishing***
you will need a license and a trout stamp if you are over 17



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