Boy Scouts Albion Michigan Troop 172

Minutes from the meeting of July 17, 2001


by secretary Maggie

July 17, 2001

Boy Scouts Meeting/Canoe Trip Aug. 10

(map below)



August 10 Family camp

August 14 begin scout meetings every Tuesday

August 25 Civil War Muster - camp weekend

Next Court of Honor:

formal- December

informal- we will distribute some merit badges and inform of acheivement at the family weekend August 10.

Also coming soon - Fall Camporee -October date pending- Camp Muskootah



We won't be doing the fire drill this Saturday. Need more preparation.

We will start working on the God & Country award July 29. 1st Presbyterian ministaer and Lutheran ministers will be involved. Also the Catholic church. This activity may be scheduled for Sunday nights.


Idea for special badges, such as the Camp Tamarack badge, get a red wool jacket and sew them on that. (don't put them on your uniform or you will run out of room. Also don't get a flamable jacket for obvious reasons!)

We need a new chairman for the committee meetings. (parents meetings.) Eric Krause has done this for many years and it's time for someone else to take a turn.

John Harden gave a report on his visit witht Leon Granamon, who the tomahawk degree named for. He was an engineer who surveyed Philmont. He is now 87 years old.


Scout meetings will begin again on August 14 in preparation for a busy fall. We will be attending a Civil War Muster the last weekend of August.


Starting in September we will work on more Eagle required Merit badges.

  • Citizenship badges including nation.
  • First Aid,
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Personal mangement.

Our next parent's meeting is August 10th - at the family camp outing at the White River Campground near Muskegon.


 The phone number for the White River Campground is

(231) 894-4708.

We have reservations for the 25 of us that are going.


See you Friday evening August 10!





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