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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - November 1900

Morning Star, November 5, 2000, pg. 15

You are invited to cast your vote at your local precinct polling place this Tuesday, November 7. Your choice counts if you vote. One or two votes could make a difference either way, especially in a city council precinct "write-in" race, and the street repair funding proposal. ‘See you at the polls. As we approach the Christmas season later this month, this is a reminder that my Albion history books and booklets are available at the Albion Chamber of Commerce. Consider sending these as extra gifts to your out-of-state relatives who used to live in Albion. Even my Riverside Cemetery tour booklets make interesting reading, including the new one for this year. Check them out. Also let people know they can read my articles on the internet by clicking on the Albion History Directory at www.albionmich.com. If you have a child or grandchild who has to do a school report about Albion history, this site is an excellent resource.

We continue with our theme of local news from 100 years ago. Week prior to November 1, 1900: "The question of Central Standard time is again being considered by the citizens of Albion, and its adoption within the near future seemed assured. Within the last few weeks, Detroit, Marshall and Owosso have joined the ranks of the large cities which have adopted the single standard and the time seems ripe for Albion to follow their example."

November 8, 1900: "Albion’s new post office building was thrown open for public inspection Saturday evening and was visited by hundreds, among whom nothing but expressions of delight and admiration were heard."

"The new exchange of the Michigan Telephone Company on the second floor of the Fox block, where the local force has now become accustomed to its new surroundings is a model one, ranking second among the exchanges of the smaller sized cities in Michigan...Manager Mosher’s private office and the well appointed public waiting room face Superior St. In the middle room are found the six operators’ boards, where the wants of the 488 subscribers are attended to, each of the boards containing 100 numbers. The telephone service was introduced in Albion in the summer of 1883. On June 26th, J. M. Jameson and 27 others petitioned the city council to allow the Michigan Bell Telephone company the use of the streets for poles, and in July a public office with one phone was started, with H. W. Mosher as manager who has continued at the head of the service since its inauguration."

"The E.L.T. Club spent yestererday afternoon with the musicians and authors of Michigan...others of local reputation were not forgotten and beautiful thoughts from the pens of: Dr. L. R. Fiske, Annie Morley Gale, Willis Steele, and Dedie Hayes Killian were given among the others."

November 22, 1900: "The civil suit of Alpheus S. Gale vs. John H. Callahan came up in Justice Lane’s court Monday morning. The case arose over the sale of a diamond ring. Pleadings were filed and adjournment was taken until December 3rd."

From our Historical Notebook we present a photograph of the U.S. Post Office in the Parker-Kessler Block, erected 100 years ago in 1900. Our Post Office was located here until the present one was opened in June, 1917.

U.S. Post Office in 1900

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