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Albion 100 Years Ago - March 1901

Morning Star, March 11, 2001, pg. 8

We continue with our theme of Albion 100 Years Ago. Week ending March 7, 1901. "New Cigar Factory. Gus Wochholz and Mr. Baader will open a cigar factory on E. Erie St. Mr. Baader has disposed of his saloon interests to his partner and the new firm will commence operations at once." "On Monday Deputy Sheriff Graham went to Owosso to arrest Fred Stankrauff who was charged with desertion of his wife and family. Stankrauff went to Owosso last fall to obtain employment. He has been at work all winter but failed to keep his promise to aid in supporting his wife and two small children. On Tuesday he was brought before Justice Smith, pleaded guilty to the charge preferred against him and was sentenced to 70 days in the Detroit House of Correction."

"Our neighboring city of Marshall has gone about the business of booming itself in an organized way and hopes and fondly expects to reap large and lasting benefit therefrom. Between you and me would it not be well for Albion (who knows a good idea when she sees it) to follow the example of our county capital? ...We truthfully boast the most modern and up-to-date dry goods stores along the line of the Michigan Central. Why then spend a cent for dry goods in other towns? Our hardware stores can supply you with all that heart could wish in their line. Why send to Detroit or Chicago for your household utensils. Our shoe merchants can fit you with Cinderella slippers or cowhide boots. Why will you pay additional money for postage or express for the identical articles which they can furnish?...Let everyone be loyal to his home businesses and just watch the joyful little wavelet of prosperity that will sweep over our Main street and bring joy to the hearts of all our good people."

"A miniature hurricane occurred on Sunday evening and for a few moments about 7:30 o’clock the wind ran a rapid race. Several small buildings were blown down on Bidwell St., the awnings over Sheldon’s drug store was torn out "by the roots," and havoc was wrought in several other places about town."

"The evening of narrative and song given by Ira D. Sankey, the famous singing evangelist, at the Methodist Church on Friday evening filled the large auditorium to the doors." "The March issue of Sports Afield is fully up to that magazine’s high standard of excellence...Albion people will be interested in knowing that Lynn B. Hunt, one of the artists on the Detroit Free Press staff, is the leading artist for this magazine. Each number contains several of his pen and ink sketches and wash drawings."

March 21, 1901: "Sophia Schuyler, daughter of the famous Sojourner Truth, died in the county poorhouse on Thursday, aged 80 years. She enjoyed the distinction of having been born a slave in New York before slavery was abolished in that state." "Mrs. W.A. Sweeney is recovering from an attack of tonsillitis." "The Salvation Army has moved its barracks into the building on South Superior St. next to the Watkins block."

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