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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, December 29, 2002, pg. 2

As we close out the year 2002, let me wish the readers of this column a very Happy New Year. This has been a year like no other for Albion--no commentary is needed. The top positive news story of the year of course was the whirlwind speed of the planning, funding, and “placement” (since it is a pre-fab, I can’t use the word erection) of the soon-to-be opened Family Health Center in the Market Place--all within a nine- month period! This is a perfect example of how a community can pull together in a spirit of unity in order to get things done to benefit our town. We wish Joyce Spicer the best in her new position there and look forward to the services this health center will provide to our Albion area citizens in the years to come.

Perhaps our community leaders could go after more funding in creative ways for other projects in town with continued persistence and enthusiasm, just as they did with the clinic. The legendary late mayor Norman H. Wiener did it for our town in the 1930s during the Great Depression and got lots of money for our city back then when money was scarce. From police cars to lawn mowers, there is a need to replace worn-out everyday equipment used to operate our city. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get grants from national corporations for special funding here? I personally would like to see some money obtained to purchase and plant maple trees in town to replace those that have been cut down between the sidewalks and the curbs over the past several years. In any event, we look forward to a brighter 2003, and encourage everyone to do what they can in their own area of expertise to help make Albion a better place to work and live.

Albion’s first hospital opened in early 1907 under the direction of Miss Sarah Wade, a registered nurse. It was known as Wade’s Hospital and operated in the home of Juliet Calhoun Blakeley on the southwest corner of S. Clinton and W. Center Sts. Miss Wade wore herself out within two years time, and the facility was closed in 1909, when Albion’s city hospital was opened. It was briefly located at 218 E. Erie St., before it moved to 111 W. Ash St. in 1910. We have covered that topic previously in this column.

A private hospital was opened here around 1907 under the auspices of an organization called the Albion Hospital Association. It was known as Grant’s Hospital, and was located in the home and offices of Dr. A. B. Grant, at then 114 W. Erie St. Grant’s physician son Herman assisted him there, and the duo operated this facility through World War I. After it closed the Albion city hospital became the only hospital in town.

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a 1917 postcard photograph of Grant’s hospital. This house still stands today, and due to numbering changes, is now 108 W. Erie St. It is known as the Palmer House Bed and Breakfast, 629-0001. The house looks very much the same today as it did back then. Notice the large porch on the front of the building. On the back of the postcard is a message written by Minnie M. Manning (1873-1919) who states in part: “This is a view of the private hospital where I am working at present.” Her occupation is listed as “housekeeper” in the 1913 Albion City Directory, and “maid” in the 1917-18 one.

Grant Hospital, 114 W. Erie St.


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