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Albion 100 Years Ago - SEPTEMBER 1903

Morning Star, August 31, 2003, pg. 20

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending September 3, 1903: “Warren C. Hull, former superintendent of schools in Albion, has become interested on commercial wireless telegraphy as a representative of Munroe & Munroe of New York, which firm is endeavoring to float the proposition in the United States.” “Dean & Connors” will not tear up more than four blocks of Superior St. between Ash & Cass Sts. until after labor day.”

“Fred Griswold and wife have moved back to Albion from Port Huron, and at Tuesday evening’s meeting of the council he was elected driver of the fire team in place of Patrick Hickey, who resigned. Fred went on duty as soon as he received his appointment.” “Wanted: First Class girl for general housework and cooking. Good wages paid. Inquire at 201 Ingham St.”

Week ending September 17, 1903: “Newell Harwood, an 18-year-old boy who lived with his uncle, Ed Harwood, was drowned in the mill pond near the South Superior St. bridge about 7:15 o’clock Tuesday morning, while attempting to swim to a boat which was floating about 300 feet from shore. He had become entangled in the weeds, which are very thick at that point, and it was utterly impossible for anyone to get him to time to save his live.” “Silas Pardee will start his cider mill on Thursday, September 10.” “A Union meeting of the Methodist, Presbyterian, and Baptist churches was held at the Methodist church Sunday evening to institute some method of procedure against the saloon keepers of the city, who are alleged to have kept their places of business open on Labor Day...Mr. Dickie as spokesman of the committee, stated the committee had witnesses who would testify that the Albion and Commercial Hotel bar rooms and the saloons of John Wochholz, Ed. Kimmer and W. J. Sweeney were open on Labor day, and that they believed that it was the mayor’s duty to proceed immediately to prosecute the persons named.”

September 17, 1903: “The local G.A.R. post has received from the government seven markers for soldiers’ graves. They are sent free and are to be disposed of by the Post in such manner as the veterans see fit. They are, of course, to be used to mark the graves of soldiers who leave no means with which their friends may purchase anything of the kind.”

September 24, 1903: James W. Peabody died at 5 o’clock Wednesday morning at his home in Mulberry St. after an illness of about a year. Peabody...came to Michigan with his parents in 1833, this family being the first white settlers on the ground which is now occupied by the city of Albion.” “The work on lowering the electric road track on Superior St. is now about completed and it is now possible to cross them comfortably at any point. This will be good news to farmers who wish to get up to the stone mill to deliver wheat.” “A 7-ton steam roller for the paving job arrived Saturday and was put into commission Monday, the block between Ash and Erie Sts. being thoroughly rolled and made ready for putting down the concrete foundation.” “Wanted: 100 girls to work on muslin underwear. For particulars inquire of Standard Mfg. Co., Jackson, Mich.”

“Wells Smith, who lives about four miles east of Albion, made a curious find while plowing in his field Friday morning. He turned up an old copper medal bearing on one side the likeness of Lewis Cass, and the date 1849, and on the other the names of Cass and Butler. Lewis Cass and William Butler were the candidates for president and vice-president put forward by the strict Constructionist Democrats in 1848.”

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