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OCTOBER 1905 - Albion 100 Years Ago

Morning Star, October 2, 2005, pg. 20

A reminder: Don’t forget to attend my annual guided tour of Riverside Cemetery on Sunday, October 9 at 1:30 pm. We’ve got a very interesting array of gravesites to visit this year, and there will be descendants who have been invited to come and speak about their ancestors. Bring the whole family for an enjoyable afternoon together.

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending October 5, 2005: “Damper on Gold Medal Flour. The Albion Trades Council was pleased to receive an expression last evening to the effect that Gold Medal flour would not be handled in Albion hereafter. Gold Medal Flour is made in Minneapolis and the makers are fighting the unions. About two months ago a number of girls canvassed the city and gave cook books to any woman who would use a sack of their flour. Last evening the following resolution was received by the Trades Council: Gentleman: At a meeting of the Albion Grocers and Butchers Protective Association last evening....Resolved: That we do not wish to handled the Gold Medal Flour, nor will we after we dispose of the small quantity that is on hand. Yours truly, S.M. Reed, Secretary.”

“The case of the City of Albion verses the Jackson Battle Creek Traction Co. wherein the city brought suit for $100 for damage to water pipes by electrolysis and was awarded $28.66 and $9.45 in Justice McCutcheon’s court in Albion, was appealed by the railroad company Tuesday.”

“A new factory means you have a tenant for your house, store, and room; a probable purchaser for all that is on sale; and better than either, it means that Albion has an added inducement to hold out to other manufacturers; for industries turn to where industries are.”

October 12, 1905: “Schools May Lose Standing. Examiners Report Unfavorably to Albion High Schools. To Superintendent William J. McKone: I regret to inform you that neither Mr. Davis nor I feel warranted in recommending the continuance of diploma relations between your High School and this University [University of Michigan]...Your school building is wholly inadequate to meet the needs of your enrollment in capacity, orderly arrangement and ventilation; the great majority of your classes are seriously overcrowded, some having more than twice a healthy normal number; you have an insufficient number of teachers; your teachers are overburdened and therefore cannot do their best work...what Albion needs most educationally is a new, modern, well-planned high school building. A.S. Whitney, inspector of high Schools, University of Michigan.”

“The first arrest under the new school law was made Tuesday on complaint of the truant officer. William Richardson, colored, was arrested because of the non-attendance at school of his daughter, age 14 years. Richardson pleaded not guilty and Justice McCutcheon set his trial for Monday morning, October 16.”

October 19, 1905: “The many friends of Miss Lena M. Hunt and Minard E. Farley were surprised when they received the announcement of their marriage, October 14, in Detroit. The marriage was solemnized at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George G. Bogue... Mr. and Mrs. Horace Farley, the parents of the groom, expect to move into Albion and turn the home farm over to their children.”

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