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Morning Star, February 5, 2006, pg. 16

We first pause here to remember Ethel (Snyder) Tate (1901-2006). As head dietician-cook at Sheldon Memorial Hospital, her 33 years of service there were well appreciated. Her death on January 12 at the age of 104 concluded a life of service to family, friends, and the Albion community. From our Historical Notebook this week we remember Ethel in this 1955 photograph taken to commemorate her 25 years of hospital service at the time. How many of our readers remember Ethel Tate?

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week of February 1, 1906: “Superintendents of the Poor, David Walkinshaw and Frank Laberteaux petitioned the circuit court to have an order entered compelling the children of Delia A. Giles of Marengo, to support her. She is now in her 78th year. Her husband died six years ago. Her children are: Frank and William Clarke of Marengo, Lucy Martin of Clarence, and Amelia Fox of this city. An order was entered ordering the three former children to contribute $2.50 per week each towards her support. The county has been taking care of her.”

“Hotel Albion Changes Hands. After six years of business as landlord of Hotel Albion, Mr. E.M. Munger has sold out to J.H. Callahan of Battle Creek, and as soon as business matters are closed up, will go to Syracuse, N.Y.”

“Mr. John Fox has bought the Newton Houston property at Montcalm’s Lake. The grove on the south side of the lake will be fitted up for a summer resort with good steel boats and plenty of fishing tackle. Montcalm’s Lake is 2½ miles west of Albion, on the Jackson, Battle Creek & Co. Traction Line.” “South Albion. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Garfield Farley, a son.”

Week of February, 8, 1906: “The following pupils in Anthony School have been neither absent or tardy for January: Frank Allen, Claude & Floyd Dean; Millard Goodrich; George, Herman, Minnie & Will Greenman; Bessie, Florence & Gladys Lamont; Clarence & Will Nowlin; Theresa Phelps.”

“Friday deputy sheriff Graham and Mr. Sibley accompanied Rensalaer Elwood to the asylum at Kalamazoo. Mr. Elwood has been at Hotel Albion for a number of years and only recently has it been found necessary to keep an attendant with him.”

“Thursday afternoon at her home, 512 W. Michigan St., Ruth Bergstresser, age 9 years, caught her dress on fire. She ran out into the street and if it had not been for the ready assistance of Mr. John Porr, who lives next door, she would have undoubtedly lost her life. As it was she was badly burned on her chest and one side. Mr. Porr also received a very bad burn on one hand.”

“Foolishness. Mr. and Mrs. W.H. West of Springport, had several narrow escapes this week trying to burn gasoline in their oil lamps. Tuesday evening one of the lamps got to blazing up and just as Mr. West threw it outdoors it exploded. On investigating it was found that the oil can had been filled with gasoline instead of kerosene--Springport Signal.”

Week of February 22, 1906: “Tuesday warrants were issued for George P. Howard and Charles Fritz for violating the truancy law. They were taken before Justice McCutcheon and their cases were adjourned until next month. The two boys are in school today.”

“A broken pipe in the Wright building flooded the new quarter of the McGuire Brothers saloon, Saturday evening. It was some time before the break was discovered and the floor was covered with water. Some damage was done to a pile of fine finishing lumber. Fred Peabody and James McGuire finally shut off the water, from the whole building.”

1955 photograph of Ethel (Snyder) Tate (1901-2006)


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