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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, April 26, 2009, Pg. 7

Coming up on Sunday, May 3 is the annual Open House of the Duck Lake area History and Genealogy club. This free event will be held from noon until 4 pm, and is very much open to the public. There will be various booths featuring area genealogy societies and historical displays. People will be bringing in old photographs and materials for display, including yours truly. Need some genealogical help? Come and find out what’s there for you. Lets make it an afternoon together at the Clarence Township Hall on R Drive North, a half mile west of Clarence Center Cemetery.

We continued with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending May 13, 1909: “Liquor Dealers Soaked. Big Fines Assessed by Judge North in Circuit Court Monday. Frank Allison and Albert W. Wall, proprietors of the Commercial House at Albion [NOTE: At the Commercial Hotel on W. Porter St., present site of the Moose Lodge] plead guilty to keeping their bar open between 11 and 12 o’clock on the night of September 12 last. Mr. Allison was fined $50 and costs of $15 or the alternative of 60 days and Mr. Wall was released on suspended sentence.”

“William Leonard, charged with running a blind pig at Duck Lake, plead not guilty and the case was continued by consent to the September term of court.”

“Last Sunday night someone broke into the Union Steel Screen factory building and made a tour of the whole factory. The thief, or thieves, whichever it was, took their time about it and selected enough small tools to start a small repair shop. It is thought that whoever made the rounds of the factory was familiar with the work rooms, and it is probable that the thief will be apprehended.”

“The new store being erected by postmaster Hoffman at Eckford station is nearing completion. He will move the post office there next week. A portion of his grocery stock has already arrived.”

“Levering Zebell Found Guilty. Jury Returned a Verdict of Guilty Thursday Afternoon. The case of the people vs. Levering Zebell of Clarence Twp., charged with perjury, went to the jury at 2:37 Thursday afternoon. The prosecution swore eight witnesses...in which Zebell was convicted of violating the game laws by fishing on Duck Lake with a net. The testimony showed that Zebell took the stand in the fish case against him and swore that he never owned a net. Three days before he was released from the County jail, Zebell admitted that the net was his. Zebell was sentenced to not less than six months nor more than fifteen years, with a recommendation of one year, at Jackson.”

“Mr. C. M. Bacon of Bemidji, MN, is visiting with old friends in this city. Mr. Bacon is a former Albion citizen, having left this city about twenty years ago.”

Week ending May 20, 1909: “City Fathers Face Problems. The new members of the city council are beginning to think that the life of a “city dad” is not all strewn with roses. Tuesday night there were several perplexing questions to settle, and regardless of how they are settled, there will be many to criticize.”

Week ending May 27, 1909: “In the Juvenile court Thursday, the five Fisher children of Albion, aged from 1 to 14, were ordered committed to the Coldwater school. The father is dead, and the mother unable to provide suitable provision for the maintenance of her family.”

“There are some pranks that get outside of the pale of the class known as “boyish pranks” and are little less than criminal. About the meanest one that has come to our notice was perpetrated Monday, at the Clearwater home on N. Eaton St. Four boys caught a long snake and deposited it in the mailbox. Mr. Claud Clearwater’s mother thrust her hand in the box and then fainted away. The “joke” had worked and the boys were satisfied. Mrs. Clearwater is now sick in bed as a result of the fright.”


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