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Albion 100 Years Ago - February 1910

Morning Star, February 7, 2010 pg. 6

We continue with our theme of “Albion—100 Years Ago.” Week ending February 3, 1910:

“Admission cards have been issued to candidates for the positions of census enumerators in this vicinity. The test will be held in the council rooms on Saturday, February 5, 9 o’clock a.m.”

“Friday evening a party of high school students from Homer came to Albion via a bobsled and enjoyed the evening at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Harmon Eslow.”

“Mrs. Seymour Eslow, and Miss Myrtle Kiefer, both of Homer, were united in marriage Friday. Both these people are well known in this city. Miss Kiefer formerly attended Albion College, taking work in the conservatory.”

Week ending February 10, 1910: [School board meeting notes] “School grounds are a disgrace. The unkempt condition of the school grounds was then commented upon and it was agreed that it was a disgrace to the city to leave them in their present condition. The superintendent then read a letter from the Superintendent of Public Instruction in which that official inquired after the state of affairs existing in Albion regarding the frequenting of pool rooms by school boys. He stated that the law was to be enforced and that the Albion conditions should be looked into and the young folks warned of the law.”

“Italian Drew Five Years. In the circuit court in Marshall Tuesday, Gueissippi Leone, the Italian who stole from his companions in Albion in December 1905, broke jail in January, 1906, escaped from the penitentiary at Sing Sing, and was captured in Buffalo, pleaded guilty upon being arraigned and was sentenced by Judge North to not less than two nor more than five years, with a recommendation of three years at Jackson.”

“Herman W. Behling died Saturday at the Albion City Hospital after a protracted illness of fifteen weeks. He had made his home in Concord for many years where he prospered and amassed considerable property.”

“Albion may lose valuable industry. Three representatives from the Chelsea Business Men’s Association were in the city yesterday making overtures to the management of Union Steel Screen Company. The little city to the east has been trying for some time to induce the Screen Company to move and has held out some very flattering offers in the line of propositions to donate a building site and put up a factory building. The building they now occupy is too small and it is also a dangerous firetrap. The entire time during which the Screen Company has been there is regarded by the directors as a mere flirting with the fire demon.”

“Albion May Have New Arch Lights.” With the benign countenance of Pioneer Jesse Crowell once more gazing down upon them from his accustomed position on the wall, the Council convened last evening…Under the head of new business, Alderman McCarty introduced the project of installing electric arch lights in our streets similar to those in Jackson, Flint, and other hustling cities. He stated that the cost would be approximately $40 per arch.”

“Albion Man is Honored. Calhoun County Bar Association Holds Meeting and Makes Albion Man Its President. Edward R. Loud was made president to succeed Judge Jesse Arthur.”

“Mr. Laurence Wiederwax of this city, and Miss Tina Wilbur of Homer were united in marriage Thursday, February 3 at the home of Rev. C. E. Huffer of this city.”


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