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Albion 100 Years Ago - September 1910

Morning Star, September 5, 2010, pg. 5

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago. Week ending September 1, 1910: "Will Put Crude Oil on East Erie St. City Will Experiment with Oil Furnished by Dr. Samuel Dickie. During this week, City Marshal Oscar Cooper will set men at work upon a section of E. Erie St., preparing it for an application of crude oil, which is said to be cheaper than city water.

"Albion Boys Have Organized Scouts. Two Patrols Have Applied for Admission to National Organization. These patrols have applied for membership in the national organization known as the Boy Scouts of America. [NOTE: See our January 17, 2010 edition of this column on the www.albionmich.com website for the full story].

"A new drinking fountain is being placed on S. Superior St. near the Ideal barber shop where the old spring formerly quenched the thirst of pedestrians. [Note: This is in front of the former Gordon Pahl Jewelry store].

Week ending September 8, 1910: "Surprise Their Many Friends. Many in Albion and throughout the state will be surprised to learn that Miss Darleen E. Wellington was united in marriage to Arthur R. Miller of Lockport, N.J. last Tuesday evening. The bride is especially well known in Albion, and has a host of friends throughout the state. The groom met Miss Wellington about nine years ago, and since then has courted her, frequently visiting at her home in this city.

"Albion Loses Congressman. The Hon. Washington Gardner of Albion, was defeated at the primary election yesterday by J. M. C. Smith of Charlotte. Congressman Gardner has held his place in Congress for 12 years. The general insurgent movement, which is greater in Michigan than many had supposed, is considered the main factor in his defeat.

Week ending September 23, 1910. "I.O.O.F. Temple to be Dedicated. Invitations have been extended to all friends and members of the local lodge IOOF to attend the dedication of the new Calhoun Lodge Temple. The Odd Fellow Temple is located next to the Hurley Block and extends over the business places of Nowlin and Garfield and Behling Brothers. It is one of the neatest lodge rooms in the county.

Week ending September 29, 1910: "The entire city of Albion should be taxed for a new hospital, said an Albion businessman last Saturday in referring to the plan discussed by the board of the city hospital to raise funds for a new building.

"Not knowing who was governor of Michigan, having no conception of what constituted a constitution, and unable to speak but a few words of English, Peter Daleo attempted to pass an examination for his citizenship papers before Judge North yesterday. Daleo is a fruit vendor in Albion.

"Mrs. Alonzo Snyder, wife of a well known and well-to-do farmer residing in Clarence Township, committed suicide by taking Paris green Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Snyder has been somewhat despondent lately, so it is said. For the past few days, she had been ill with an attack of the grip.

"Walsh-Wheeler. A very pretty church wedding was solemnized on Tuesday at St. John‘s church when Miss Mary L. Walsh, daughter of Mrs. William Walsh, was united in marriage to Mr. Richard Wheeler.

"L.B. Wickham has decided to add a fourth chair to his barbershop and expects the new member will be installed by Monday.


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