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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - December 1910

Morning Star, November 28, 2010, pg. 11

As we enter the Christmas season, I’d like to remind my readers that my Albion history books "Albion in Review," and "Growing Up in Albion" are still available at the Albion Chamber of Commerce. They would make great Christmas gifts, especially to those who grew up in Albion and moved away. Have you gotten your copies yet? They are now signed by yours truly in the inside cover page.

Referring to the November 14 edition of this column, from our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph showing both our present-day water tower, and the old standpipe it replaced. This winter scene was taken in February 1962, just before the standpipe was toppled. Children are shown playing in the snow bank in the front. On the back of the photo is written "Cherie Young."

We continue with our theme of, "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending December 1, 1910: "The Gay School district gave a surprise party Monday evening to Julius and Donald Rutz who are moving from the neighborhood."

"George Cutting and Roy Hoffman of Eckford, who were arrested on a charge of digging muskrats out of a bank, changed their plea before Justice Watson, Saturday morning, and each paid a fine and costs of $5.75. Deputy Game Warden Young asked that the two be let out off easy because of the fact that they acknowledged all of the facts of the case and were not aware that the law forbade digging into a bank after the fur bearing rats."

Week ending December 8, 1910: "Opera House to be Remodeled. Probably the most noticeable improvement will be the new entrance and stairs which will be constructed. The old stairs will be torn out entirely. New ones will be installed and new doors will be placed at the entrance. The old ticket office at the top of the stairs will be torn down and a new circular paneled oak ticket office erected in its place. In order to still further ensure the safety of the house, a new steel fire escape balcony will be placed from the second and third stories of the house so no persons may retire onto Superior St. in case of emergency."

"A committee of citizens met in the Leisure Hour club Thursday evening and discussed the Boy Scout situation in this city. The local order is at present on the verge of a crisis. It will pass out of existence if methodical steps are not taken for its support. David A. Garfield was chosen as chairman."

"Deputy Sheriff Mallory arraigned George Collyer before Justice McCutcheon Monday, charged with violating the local option law. Collyer, who lives five miles south and one mile west of the city, is charged with selling beer without a license."

Week ending December 22, 1910: "Albion Hospital in New Quarters. The Albion City Hospital has moved into its new home at 115 W. Ash St. and today the entire force is busy arranging the furniture. Several private rooms are ready for occupancy and the wards are in use. Mr. Howard, the owner of the property, has added several conveniences unsolicited, at considerable expense to himself, notably extra bathrooms."

"Census Contest Closed. A telegram coming from the Chief of the U.S. Census department states that the 1910 census gives Albion 5,813 people. Mr. Commodore Perry Linn, 311 Austin Ave., was the nearest guesser to the population of Albion. Mr. Linn estimated that the new count would give this city a population of 5793, thereby coming within 20 of the official figures. Mr. Linn gets the six months’ subscription to the Albion Evening Recorder. There is the satisfaction that the city gained 1,294 people between the 12th and 13th census."

Week ending December 29, 1910: "Albion Bootlegger Jailed. With the suspicion that someone was dealing out the ‘joy water’ in wholesale quantities for the holiday celebration, the local officers took another peep into the ‘cleaning up’ question Monday and as a result one Dan or George Webster is charged with selling spirituous liquors without a license."

"Floyd Trine Case Reversed. Included in a batch of decisions handed down yesterday from the [Michigan] Supreme Court is the case of the people verses Floyd Trine. Trine was arrested a year ago this fall charged with stealing a suit of clothes from George W. Schneider’s clothing store in Albion, in December 1908. A jury returned a verdict of guilty. A stay of sentence was procured and Attorney Dennison took the case to the Supreme Court on 21 alleged errors."


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