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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - FEBRUARY 1911

Morning Star, February 6, 2011, pg. 11

Here’s a timely historical tidbit of information I came across our readers might like to know about: When the soon-to-be-demolished bridge over the Kalamazoo River by the Cemetery was constructed in 1938, there was no big detour route for M-9 (as it was then known) taking traffic as far away from Albion as possible. Rather, this was the solution, as printed in the Albion Evening Recorder in February, 1938: "Finishing touches were placed Monday on the temporary bridge which M-9 traffic will use for the next few months while a new bridge is built on S. Superior, near Riverside cemetery. Immediately thereafter the old bridge was closed to traffic and work of removing it was started. The temporary wooden bridge is supported by 65 wooden piles driven into the Kalamazoo River bed. Work of building the new bridge is expected to be completed early in the summer by Frank and Steihl, East Lansing contractors."

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of a flock of ducks inspecting this soon-to-be demolished bridge on January 23. These ducks are intentional and look like they know where they’re headed.

Inspection Team at the bridge by Riverside Cemetery on January 23, 2011

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending February 2, 1911. "Calhoun County, as a prohibition territory, has been given a national reputation by Dr. Samuel Dickie who contributed an article to the Ladies’ Home Journal on the effect of local option and prohibition. Dr. Dickie was selected to represent the dry side, his subject being, "Is prohibition the remedy for the liquor evil? This county has been dry since May 1, 1909. At that time two breweries and about 80 saloons were forced to close their doors. This is the first time that Calhoun County has seen its name in print in such a prominent journal."

"Citizens Accept New Building." By a vote of 110 yeas to 74 nays, the proposition to bond the district of the Albion public Schools for an additional $15,000 to be added to the like amount voted last year. It was agreed that the North Ward should have a new school building."

"The majority of the local merchants met last evening in the Union hall and decided to complete the organization of the Albion Business Men’s Protective Association."

"Mr. Myron A. Knickerbocker, who is totally blind, called at this office this morning and left a white linen barred handkerchief which he found on Erie St."

"Mr. F. Dudleigh Vernor of Albion, appeared in recital at the Presbyterian Church Sunday afternoon, the instrument used being the pipe organ."

"Judd M. Davision and Luella May Wolcott have taken an appeal to the circuit court in the decision in admitting to probate the will of Marvin H. Davison, deceased of west Albion, who was killed on the MUR September 12, 1910."

Week ending February 9, 1911: "The meeting of the Prouty stockholders, held at the Prouty plant northeast of the city Monday, reported favorably on the plan of merging with the Allith Manufacturing Company of Chicago. The Allith Company expects to move its plant to this city and will bring at least 60 more families to the city."

Week ending February 16, 1911: "It was truly a wild pig chase on Superior St. Tuesday. A sleek young porker confined to the farm wagon of William E. Rhodes who resides north of the city, broke loose while the wagon was standing in front of the stone mill about 11 o’clock and headed for Homer. A large shepherd dog spied the rooter and at once took chase, followed closely by Mr. Rhodes. At Erie St. Mr. Pig decided to follow the car [NOTE: interurban] track and turned in the direction of the Methodist church, squealing and grunting at every step and snapping from side to side to ward off the dog. The animal was finally caught in the rear of the WCTU building and was carried on the owner’s shoulder to its place in the wagon box."

"A letter was received yesterday from George Kersey, who is sick at his home in Eddy’s Mills, Ontario as a result of burns received from a lamp explosion in this city last summer. Mr. Kersey was able to stand upon his feet without assistance last week for the first time since the accident. However, his limbs are still crooked."


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