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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - MAY 1911

Morning Star, May 1, 2011, pg. 8

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending May 4, 1911: "McGuire Resigns from Cleveland. James T. McGuire of Albion, Mich., manager of the Cleveland American League Baseball club, resigned today. He will continue with the club as a scout. McGuire was manager of the Boston American league team from June 1, 1907 until August 28, 1908 on which date he joined the Cleveland club."

"The Albion School Board voted to let the contract of the new North Ward School building, to be known as the Charles F. Austin School, to the Albion Lumber Company of this city, the specified price being $25,220."

"Benzine Buggies on Exhibition. First annual automobile show for Albion was a fine exhibit, receiving many fine compliments. Fully a thousand citizens of Albion attended the automobile show in the local garage on Michigan Ave. Friday and Saturday. Fourteen cars were on exhibition. During the show George E. Dean purchased a new Reo car. John G. Fox also purchased a Buick touring car."

Week ending May 11, 1911: "Wolverine Train Stops at Albion. The Michigan Central railroad is helping to put Albion on the map. A railroad can be of great aid to the growth of the cities along its line."

"Unknown Man Attempts Assault on College Girl. Vicious brute slinked up behind young lady near the sheds on E. Cass St. Sunday night."

Week ending May 18, 1911: "In the juvenile court Friday [three Albion boys], aged 10 to 13 years, were adjudged delinquent children and were ordered committed to the state industrial school at Lansing until they are 17 years of age. The testimony showed that the youths had been guilty of larceny, had skipped out the early part of the week and were rounded up at Homer."

"Burned to Death on Electric Wire. In the winking of an eye, John I. Miller, a lineman in the employ of the Commonwealth Power company, lost his balance while handling a tie line on the top of the high pole in front of Wochholz & Gress grocery store on Superior St. Monday afternoon about 3:30 o’clock and falling on an unprotected wire, received a shock of 2,300 volts, rendering him unconscious. He was taken to the City Hospital where he Died Monday night about 10 o’clock without regaining consciousness."

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a postcard photo of this tragedy, showing Mr. Miller dangling from the pole (center) with onlookers swarming below as the Albion Fire Department unsuccessfully tries to rescue him with their ladders.

Postcard made of the fatal accidental electrocution of Mr. John I. Miller in 1911

Continuing with week ending May 18, 1911: "College will Celebrate its 50th Birthday. 50 Years ago the local institution changed its name from Albion Female Seminary and Collegiate Institute to Albion College. From Monday, June 12th to Thursday, June 15, Albion College will celebrate the Semi-Centennial of its birth."

"Charles R. Mains Still Held in Asylum. Despite the fact that he was pardoned from the government hospital for the criminal insane at Washington D.C. by President Taft over a year ago, Charles R. Mains a former resident of Battle Creek [and Homer] and one of the leaders of the Calhoun County bar, is still an inmate of that institution. When still a comparatively young man, Charles R. Mains was at one time considered one of the most brilliant attorneys in this part of Michigan, but his bright future was blotted when he was disbarred from practicing in the state."

"Mrs. Hattie Dalrymple Day of Little Falls, N.J., is the guest of Albion friends and relatives. Attorney and Mrs. Day expect to make their home in Detroit in the near future."

Week ending May 25, 1911: "Evangelist George Bennard of Albion, has just closed ten days’ revival services in the Anthony schoolhouse."

"Every member of the G.A.R. who desires to be remembered after final muster out is requested to be at Riverside Cemetery at promptly 10 o’clock a.m. Saturday May 27th to plant flowers on the graves of our Comrades gone. This means you especially. [Signed] Levi S. Warren, Post Commander."


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