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Morning Star, May 15, 2011, pg. 6

Each year at this time we feature the Albion High School class of 100 years ago. The class of 1911 consisted of 47 members. 27 were girls, and the rest boys. The class colors were purple and gold. The class motto (in Latin, of course) was "Finis Coronat Opus," meaning, "The end crowns the work." The class valedictorian was Roberta Maude Reed. The salutatorian was Austin Beebe.

The commencement exercises were held on Thursday, June 8, 1911 at the Methodist Church on E. Erie St., customary of those times. The commencement speaker for the evening was Rev. W. T. Jaquess of Detroit, who formerly served as the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church 1897-1904 here in Albion. He spoke on the topic, "The American of To-morrow." Superintendent William J. McKone presented the diplomas to the graduates.

The members of the class of 1911 were: Frances Baker, Marchie Baldwin, Austin Beebe, Rosa Behling, Glenn Bentley, Clara Black, June Borner, Martha Bretz, George Broxholm, Donald Bullen, Persis Clancy, Martha Colby, Ethel Cronk, Lillard Culver, Louis Fellows, Irene Ferguson, Paul Field, Arla Folk, Norine Gambee, Orla Garris, Edith Goball, Margerate Gress, Charles Guyselman, Ethel Hurley, Verl Kutt, George Matteson, Lottie McConnell, Ross McKone, Hazel Mulvany, Earl Murch, Marvel Peters, Benjamin Poxson, Mabel Quackenbush, Preston Reed, Roberta Reed, Charles Roberts, Ruth Rogers, Paul Rood, Mary Strohmer, Mary Sutton, Hazel Thompson, Lynn Tingay, Martha Tomlinson, Susie Tomlinson, William Vroman, Laney White, and Dieter L. Young.

When reading through this list, a couple of names stood prominent to me: Ruth F. Rogers (1893-1978) made a name for herself as a dental hygienist who pioneered the fluoride treatment program. Margerate Gress (1892-1996) of course became Marge Gorman who wrote Albion history columns in the Journal of Albion for many years and lived to be 103 years old. I still have a l-o-n-g tape recording of her talking about her history. Ross McKone of course was the son of Albion Public Schools superintendent William J. McKone.

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of the Albion High School Class of 1911. Front row: (L-R) Unidentified, George Matteson, Lillard Culver, next four girls unidentified, Persis Clancy. Second row: Laney White, Margerate Gress, Lottie McConnell, unidentified, Martha Tomlinson, Hazel Thompson, unidentified, Ruth Rogers, Martha Colby, Irene Ferguson, Louise Fellows. Third row: Ross McKone, Earl Murch Norine Gambee, unidentified, Ethel Cronk, Clara Black, Robert Reed, Martha Bretz, Edith Gorball, Arla Folk, Susan Tomlinson, Marchie Baldwin, Preston Reed, Charles Roberts, W. Riley Vroman. Top row: Donald Bullen, June Borner, Lynn Tingay, George Broxholm, Paul Rood, next two unidentified, Paul Field, unidentified, Glenn Bentley, Austin Beebe.

Albion High School Class of 1911


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