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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - May 1913

Morning Star, April 28, 2013, pg. 16

Iíve got a couple of unidentified "Centennial Farm" presentation photographs from the 1950s that perhaps our readers could help me identify. Here is the first one; Iíll picture the next one a month from now. Any ideas as to what farm this in and those who are in this photo? If you know, please contact me at: albionfp@hotmail.com, or (517) 629-5402. Thanks for your help.

Centennial Farm

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." Week ending May 1, 1913. "George Dearing Gets Five Years. Facing a sentence of five years in the house of correction for abstracting funds from his fatherís bank at Albion, George V. Dearing sat on the edge of his bed in one of the witness rooms at the county jail last night, his chin in his hands, for hours. Dearing heard the sentence pronounced without a quiver, but when he turned to look at his sobbing wife, emotion came to the surface. Dearingís father and brother had been previously convicted of the same offense and are serving their sentences in the Leavenworth penitentiary."

"Monday was the last day allowed the directors of the Albion National Bank on which to make answer to suit brought early in the month by Receiver Frank L. Irwin for the recovery of $300,000 lost to the depositors of the bank through the alleged neglect of the directorate."

"A wooden shield was raised Friday morning at the east side of the Superior St. crossing of the Michigan Central, to prevent the mail-bags, which are dropped from the through trains at that point, from striking pedestrians. So much heavy mail matter comes through since the establishment of the parcel post that the precaution was made doubly necessary."

Week ending May 8, 1913: "Gus Starks of Albion, bartender for his father Herman Starks, a local saloonist, pleaded guilty to violating the liquor law by selling to a minor named Eckles, who resides near Duck Lake."

"Born to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Starr, a daughter, May 5. She has been christened Margaret Louise."

Week ending May 15, 1913. "Baptists Raise Needed Money. After a great deal of effort on the part of Pastor George Goodrich, Treasurer John Richey and a special committee the funds of which were lost to the Baptist church last year, when the church treasurer, H. M. Dearing, went to the wall, have been replaced."

"Elmer Van Sickle, who owns the land on the south side of the river at Newburg, and who recently placed a no trespass sign at the Rocky Bottom swimming hole, has stated that he had no objections to parties making use of the place for a picnic grounds, providing they first notified him that they were coming."

Week ending May 22, 1913: "At the meeting Thursday evening of the city board of public works it was decided to appoint W. E. Baumgardner of Flint, to the office of city engineer."

"Clyde Bacon is gathering the annual school census, and already has covered all of the fourth Ward with the exception of two residences."

"A defective chimney caused a fire at the home of Abner Pratt, corner of Mingo and Perry Sts., shortly afternoon Saturday. The damage was slight."

"John Collander, a foreigner living in House No. 6 in the foreign colony, was arrested by Marshal Winchell and Officer Schwer, for creating a disturbance. Collander is a Pole and occupied the house together with an Italian family, and a miniature race war was the cause of his arrest. The complaint was made by Carl Schumacher, who was attracted to the place by the noise.

Week ending May 29, 1913: "Walter Grant, the local photographer, has an interesting display in the window of his studio, consisting of photographs of the members of the local GAR post. With few exceptions all of the veterans are there, and Mr. Grant intends to place the photographs in an artistic album and present the same to the post for a memento. The task of getting the old soldiers to sit before the camera was no small one but coming generations will be grateful for this graphic record of the present membership of the post, which is dwindling each year." [NOTE: Those photos have now been posted on the individual burial listings on the www.findagrave.com website.]

"Born Friday, May 23, to Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rumsey, Sheridan Township, a son."

"Albion came in for a write-up, accompanied by a picture of the college library, in the May, 20 issue of the Christian Science Monitor, the great Boston daily."

"Pierce Nichols, an employee of the Union Steel Screen Company, took an overdose of laudanum Tuesday evening at his home on Vine St. Prompt work by a physician saved his live and although he is seriously ill today it is expected that he will fully recover. No reason for taking the drug is given."


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