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Albion 100 Years Ago - December 1914

Morning Star, November 30, 2014, pg. 25

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." Week ending December 3, 1914: "The big safe in the old Steel jewelry store, the future Robinson jewelry store, was finally opened Tuesday after resisting all efforts to open it since it fell through the floor in the store several weeks ago. In its fall some of the parts of the locking mechanism were loosened up and displaced, so that the task of opening the safe was a difficult one."

"A horse belonging to a farmer living east of town named Rumsey, and attached to a single rig, tried to dispute the right of way with a Michigan Central freight train about 11 o’clock Saturday evening. The animal went right through the gates and went headlong into the train."

Week ending December 10, 1914. Obituary. "Lura E. Pearl, (Mrs. Orris Robertson) was born in Albion, Michigan April 29, 1842, and died at her late residence, 601 N. Eaton St. December 3, 1914. The house in which she was born, 308 W. Erie St., was then in the suburbs of the village. And almost the entire western section of the city was originally owned by her grandfather, Mr. Wareham Warner. It was after her mother, Mrs. Ann Pearl, that both Ann and Pearl Sts. were named."

Week ending December 17, 1914: "Albion College Pays Five Percent on $3,200,000. Albion College is a Big Institution for Any City. $160,000 Spent Here Annually. In estimating the value of the college to Albion, the sum of $160,000 was estimated of the amount brought annually to the city by the college."

Week ending December 31, 1914: "City Dads Remove Popcorn Stands. On the ground that the same were a nuisance, as they are in the way and occupy places in the city streets without any legal right thereto, the common council last night ordered the removal of all popcorn stands or similar refreshment booths form the streets of the city of Albion."

"Science Building Campaign Closes Tonight With Big Meeting at the Club-House. A big dinner at the Hotel Albion last evening was one of the unique features in the campaign for the $40,000 Science Hall which is being waged in the city." [Note: This was erected as the Epworth building on the Albion College campus in 1915].

"Lineman Falls. Is Badly Hurt. Because he tried to save himself from serious injury and possible death by jumping from near the top of a falling electric light pole, C. Bryant, a lineman employed on the Commonwealth Company’s construction gang, lies critically injured in the city hospital, with chances about even for his recovery. The accident occurred about 8:30 this morning at the corner of Ann and Center Sts."

"Devereaux Man Accidentally Shot. James D. Hicks, a prominent and respected citizen of Devereaux, was shot in the back Christmas afternoon and died at his home in Devereaux Saturday morning at 8 o’clock. Mr. Hicks was hunting rabbits near his home with two little nephews, Jesse and Willie Brigham, aged 13 and 15 years, when the accident occurred. The shot gun in the hands of one of the boys being discharged at a distance of about 65 feet from the victim. Mr. Hicks ran the blacksmith shop at Devereaux for many years."

"Much Excitement in Foreign Colony. Holdup and Assault, With Several Men Injured by Knife-Wounds, Keep Officers Busy Saturday Night. Six of the men were arrested, their names being as follows: Max Sick, Harry Varnich, Jake Baokeo, Mike Belouch, Antona Bonner, and Protung Weinvechik." All plead guilty to charges of assault and battery. Each paid a fine of one dollar and costs."


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