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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - July 1915

Morning Star, JULY 5, 2015, page 6

As a follow-up to last week’s photo of Washington Gardner High School, this week in our Historical Notebook we present a "head on" photo of most of the front minus the two end sections. This was taken from the home of Albion florist Arthur Dew across the street from the school. This is from a postcard postmarked 1934

Washington Gardner High School 1934

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years ago." Week ending July 1, 1915. "Girl Rescued from Drowning. Little nine year old Stella Voluski was playing this morning between 10 and 11 a.m. on the rear porch of the living rooms of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Andy Voluski who reside in the south second-story flat in the new Perkins building which extends over the River. She leaned too far out over the porch railing and fell a sheer 30 feet into the water, which is swift at that point. But for the quick thinking and quicker acting of Alfred Tuchtenhagen, son of H. Tuchtenhagen, 208 E. Oak St., she undoubtedly would have drown. L. B. Wickham, whose barbershop is next door to the store over which Stella’s parents live, happened to be back of his place and heard the splash. Being unable to swim he hastened to the street and stopped the Gale Hardware wagon which was being driven by young Tuchtenhagen. The latter hurried to the rear of the building and dove into the water. By a great effort the young man reached her just as she was sinking for what undoubtedly would have been the last time and swam with her to the west side of the bridge where she was taken from the water and resuscitated."

Week ending July 8, 1915. "Body of Drowned Italian Recovered. The body of Peter Zurawel, aged 19 years, who was drowned in Mont Calm Lake Tuesday, was recovered at 4:20 Tuesday afternoon…Young Zurawel, who was unmarried and had a job as a molder in the Malleable Iron Company’s plant, went to the lake Tuesday morning ostensibly to fish in company with three other Russians: John Kolinich, Paul Carmenusk, and Konistra Moljhn."

"Special German services at the German Evangelical Salem Church in commemoration of the heroic life and death of the great Bohemian reformer, John Hus, will be held Sunday."

"Albion to Receive Much School Money. Albion’s school fund will be enriched by $13,007.45 as the result of the state apportionment of primary school money."

Week ending July 15, 1915: "Traffic posts, or ‘silent policemen’ were ordered placed on three important corners of Superior St. at Thursday evening’s meeting of the common council. This is to be placed in the middle of the street intersection and drivers of vehicles will be compelled to make a square turn around the post when turning corners."

"Alderman Main of the health committee, reported that the bathhouse in Dutchtown is in need of being cleaned, as it is in an unsanitary condition at present on account of depredations committed there by boys. Several windows have been broken and the locks have been tampered with."

"Horse Recovered, Italian Arrested. The unceasing efforts of Stanley Demsko, a young Polish boy of the foreign settlement, to locate the big roan delivery horse stolen Thursday night from the barn of his step-father, Joseph Shelongewitz, Austin Ave, resulted in the arrest near Jackson early Sunday morning of an Italian named Tony Avo, 35 years old of this city, and the recovery of the missing animal."

"Wallace O. Abbott, age 65 years, a well known Albion Township farmer, died at his home two and one-half miles southwest of Albion at 7:15 Monday evening, as the result of injuries received when a savage bull attacked him in a field on his farm."

Week ending July 22, 1915. Headline: "$200,000 Will be Spent in Albion’s Building Boom. Fifth of a Million Dollars will Go into Construction Work This Season, Including Large Factory Additions, New Post Office, and Epworth Physical Laboratory for the College."

"The Stone Mill on Superior St., one of the oldest buildings in the city, will be sold a public auction Monday August 39 at 10 o’clock in the morning. The property has been tied up for some time as it was part of the assets of the old First National Bank of this city."

Week ending July 29, 1915: Headline: "Mrs. Kurtz Died a Terrible Death. Former Albion Woman Whose Remains Were Interred Here Thursday, Died From Burns Received in Fireworks Explosion."


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