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Albion 100 Years Ago - SEPTEMBER 1915

Morning Star, August 30, 2015, pg. 10

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years Ago." Week ending September 2, 1915. "Local Syndicate Buys Stone Mill. A syndicate of local men consisting of Homer C. Blair, Washington Gardner, Henry R. Wochholz, George E. Dean and Benjamin D. Brown Monday bought the old stone mill property on Superior St. for the sum of $19,350. J. W. Bailey of Leslie did the bidding for the Albion men and it was not known until after the sale just who he was representing."

"Marengo to Have Big Celebration. A big Labor Day celebration and homecoming will take place September in Marengo. The village a few miles west of this city is planning big things for its double celebration."

"Motorcycle Races Lightly Attended. The motorcycle races at the O’Melay track Saturday afternoon were lightly attended, approximately only 150 people being present. Considering the fact however that the track was not banked and is not intended for races of this sort those that did go saw some interesting contests."

"More Bootleggers Are Rounded Up. Two more bootleggers were rounded up by Sheriff E.J. Mallory and were brought before Justice McCutcheon Thursday afternoon. The principal violator of the local option laws, a woman of the foreign settlement, Mrs. Helen Ignatuck, has been selling liquor for the most part to foreigners, for some time and the final evidence against her was brought out in the riot at the settlement last Sunday. Mrs. Ignatuck it is alleged was the party that furnished the Sunday rioters their booze and is in a large way responsible for the trouble that has occurred of late in the foreign settlement a number of different drunken brawls…She was formally charged with running a disorderly house. The other violator of the law, Clyde Slocum, a young man living on E. Cass St. was rounded up and appeared before Justice McCutcheon on a charge of selling one quart of apricot brandy to Elmer McClure on the night of August 22."

Week ending September 9. 1915: "School Buildings are Overcrowded. The schools in practically every part of the city this year are somewhat overcrowded and the total enrollment exceeds that of last year by approximately 50 and with from 5 to 10 pupils enlisting every day, the problem of where to put them is somewhat perplexing. The high school enrollment this year shows the greatest increase of any."

Week ending September 16, 1915: "Three men of the foreign settlement who stole a horse belonging to Percy Harris which was tied on Albion St. Sunday night, that they might have a joy ride and then return the horse, caused considerable trouble for the officers last night…Karmer Crasco, Chertom Golowctuik and Sol Warjach, stole the horse and contrary to their intentions they did not succeed in returning it to its proper place for the simple reason that they wanted to ride too fast and lost control of the horse."

Week ending September 23, 1915: "The city bowling alleys on E. Erie St. owned by F. E. McBride of Union City, were opened Wednesday afternoon for the 1915-16 season. Harvey Mills, who was in charge of the alleys last year, is again managing the place."

"One Albion boy, Morley Jennings, who is playing professional baseball, finished the season with a pennant-winning team. Morley played shortstop for Minneapolis, the winner of the American Association race."

"Mike Dubina, proprietor of the store in the foreign settlement on the south side of Austin Avenue is planning on the erection of a building on the east side of his place of business to be used for baths. He will undoubtedly secure a large patronage from the foreigners who are employed in the local factories and reside in the foreign settlement."

Week ending September 30, 1915: "The Albion Garage Sales Agency has moved its new cars from the old garage building on Michigan Ave. to their new structure on the corner of the Avenue and N. Superior St."

"Louis Poppas of Chicago, a candy man of experience, Monday purchased the business of James A. Sarris who for the past two and one-half years has operated the confectionary store just south of the Rogers shoe-store on Superior St."


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