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Albion 100 Years Ago - DECEMBER 1915

Morning Star, November 29, 2015, pg. 24

We continue with our theme of "Albion—100 Years Ago." Week ending December 2, 1915. "Former Eckford Man Raises Bees. There is money in honey. If you doubt this, ask G. Frank Pease of Eckford, or perhaps more properly, of Shreveport, LA, where he has been spending most of his time during the past three years. He has a farm of 1400 acres 200 miles west of the Mississippi and its lowlands."

"Speros Andritsakes, proprietor of the Albion Confectionery on S. Superior St., received word Monday that his brother Chris, who went from Albion over a year ago to serve his time in the Greek army, had died about October 30 at his home in Sparta, Greece from pleurisy contracted while in the army service of his native land."

"The superintendent of the Lansing division of the Lake Shore railroad has given the Springport village council assurance that bells will be installed at the main street crossing of the road in that village within the next thirty days."

"It is believed by some that Palmer M. Dearing, who was sent to the Leavenworth prison with his father, [Note: for the Albion National Bank failure of January 1, 1912] has been pardoned on parole some time ago. Both he and his aged father, it is understood, were model prisoners. Palmer Dearing once remarked that when he got out of the federal prison no one would ever know nor would anyone know where he was located. He declared he would never return to Albion. It is believed he is not located in a city in Indiana and whether he is going under his right name or not."

"E.N. Parsons of Albion, has received word of the death of Mrs. John Wilson, formerly Nellie Farley of this city, which occurred Sunday at her home in Newkirk Okla. Mrs. Wilson, who was about 75 years old, is the last of the family of the late William Farley who came to this city in 1836 when Albion was but a tiny settlement and cleared the farm now owned by Mrs. Parsons in South Albion."

Week ending December 9, 1915: "Albion Will Have Greek Church Soon. Albion is assured of a church building to be erected in the very near future of the Orthodox Greek Catholic faith. Rev. I. Salko of Detroit, a priest of the Greek church, spent Tuesday and a part of Wednesday in Albion interviewing contractors and he stated that the contract for the erection of the structure to cost several thousand dollars, will be let at once and the actual work started he hoped, within the next ten days…It is planned to erect the church at the corner of Austin Avenue and State St., which will be close to the heart of the foreign settlement. Albion has over 1,000 aliens in its midst, most of them reside in one district, near the plant of the Albion Malleable Iron Company."

"The Leterne brothers, who live near Albion, received another letter Wednesday from their brother Remi Leterne, formerly of this city, who as a member of the Belgian army was captured by the Germans at Antwerp October 14 and has since been confined to a prison camp in Soltau, Hakenmoor, Germany."

Headline: "Census Shows Population of City is Approximately 8,000. Figures obtained in Saturday’s census of city by school children show that city has 7959 inhabitants. This is an increase of 36.4 percent and means a population of over 10,000 in1920. ‘Watch Albion Grow’ is New Slogan."

"Henry Montgomery Dearing, the wrecker of the Albion National Bank, will not come back to Albion for trial for forgery at the expiration of his term December 24 at the Federal penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas without requisition papers. According to the letter from the warden, Dearing refuses to waive a single right in connection with the forgery case."

"A warrant was issued today by Justice A. L. McCutcheon for the arrest of John Comperchio, the proprietor of the "Smokehouse" billiard and pool room on W. Porter St. The charge against him is that he has been allowing children to frequent his place. The officers last night found two youths, one 15 and the other 16 years old, playing pool there, it is said. The state law says that 17 is the minimum age, while the city ordinance stipulates that no person under 18 may participate in games in such an establishment."

From the Marshall News-Statesman: " Mrs. Henry Montgomery Dearing [Leora Rouse, his 2nd wife] was in the city with her 9 year old son Saturday to see Sheriff Mallory before he goes west to requisition her husband, but he was out of the city returning on the car on which she left. The boy it is said, does not know of his father’s disgrace, and he has been kept out of school all these years to prevent this knowledge being imparted to him by thoughtless playmates."

Week ending December 16, 1915: "That Palmer M. Dearing is still at Ft. Leavenworth, where he was sentenced for complicity in the failure of the Albion National Bank, four years ago, is the positive statement made by Mrs. H. M. Dearing. "Palmer will be released on Christmas Eve with his father, my husband, she says. When he is at liberty he will be with his family at Sterling, Illinois, which is exactly where he should go."

"Albion-Charlotte Railroad Again. Arthur B. Wood, of Corunna, promoter and one of the directors of the Albion-Charlotte Northern Railway Company, was in Albion Tuesday and revived the interest in the old project of a railway extending north through Albion, through the rich Duck Lake section."

"Gus Stark, former saloon-keeper of this city, who pleaded guilty two months ago to selling liquor over the counter of his soft drink place on S. Superior St., was given 30 days in jail and fined $150 with costs of $50."

"City to Have Skating Rink. That the boys and girls of Albion may be provided with a municipal skating rink which will eliminate to some extent dangers of skating on the mill pond, was brought up at the Common Council last evening. Wilder & Sons owners of the plot of land just north of the sheds in the city market place, has tendered the city the use of this property for a skating pond for one year."


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