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Albion 100 Years Ago - DECEMBER 1916

Morning Star, December 4, 2016, pg. 10

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We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago."December 1, 1916: "The City Council at its meeting Wednesday evening, voted to appropriate $100, twice the usual amount, to the city hospital for December.""City Hospital Notes. Miss Lola Malcom, 113 Fitch St., had her tonsils removed at the City Hospital today.""Russian Orthodox Church dedicated. With a service that was solemn, impressive and elaborate, extending through the space of three hours, the new Russian Orthodox Church of this city was dedicated Thursday…The entire structure cost approximately $5,000.""Albion in Toledo Grain District. Albion and Calhoun County are now in the Toledo District in the apportionment under the new grain standards act."

December 4, 1916: "A fracas occurred at House No. 7 in the foreign colony Sunday night and night officer Charles Brown arrested John Spiusti on complaint of Joe Cortal, who claimed that John had struck him over the head with a beer bottle. Spiusti was arraigned on an assault and battery charge before Justice Wright today and plead guilty, paying a fine of $5 and costs."

December 5, 1916: "Carl Schumacher and family are moving from N. Eaton St. to their recently completed home at the SW corner of Austin Ave. and Superior St. The new residence is one of the handsomest in that neighborhood, being of brick and very capacious in size."[NOTE: This is the house on that corner that was just demolished this past summer. Schumacher was superintendent at the Albion Malleable Iron Company.]

December 6, 1916: "Much Activity at Albion Coal Mine. Activities have been resumed at the coal mine on the Boyd farm four miles north of the city, and in a short time bituminous coal of excellent quality will be shipped out of Albion at the rate of several carloads per day. A. Knapp of Saginaw, one of the men who bought out the old Calhoun County Mining Company, is in charge of the renewed enterprise…Mr. Knapp went to Lansing yesterday to arrange with the New York Central people to have the mine sidetrack reconnected with the railroad to make shipment by carload lots possible. A gang of men is also engaged in getting the company’s spur track in good shape."

December 21, 1916. "A night school for the foreigners is to be started soon. The rooms above Mitchell’s store in the settlement have been obtained for this purpose and the classes will be organized in the very near future."

December 26, 1916: Two Mexicans, Joe Orona and Albert Acota, were arrested last night by Chief of Police Greening and Officer Hoyt for an alleged attack on Tom Brazil, made during a free for all fight with knives at a house located at the corner of N. Albion St. and Austin Ave early Sunday evening…Chief Greening had some difficulty in locating them, finally apprehending them however at their rooming place at the Beliski residence on N. Albion St."

December 30, 1916: "Palmer M. Dearing of Detroit visited in Albion yesterday and today. The former manager of the Cook Manufacturing Company, who is now an employee of the Ford Company in Detroit, is much thinner than he was when living here but stated that he was in excellent health."

"The Negro barber who has been conducting a shop on W. Porter St. expects to have to close his place after today, as the owner of the building has notified him that he can stay there no longer after January 1. An attempt is being made by him to get a shop in some other location in the city."


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