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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - OCTOBER 1917

Morning Star, October 1, 2017, pg. 4

In the January 22, 2017 edition of this column we featured the Chain Dairies in Albion which produced the "Coldpack" brand of milk. This past summer an original milk cap for a Coldpack bottle was discovered, and we are picturing it this week in our Historical Notebook. This dairy was in existence from 1924 to 1932.

Chain Dairies bottle cap.

We continue with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago." October 2, 1917: "The Evangelical German Church, which last year paid off the church debt of $900, has just taken over the residence property just west of the church as a parsonage. Over $800 was subscribed by church members and friends, Fred Roggenback handling the subscription lists. Rev. E. A. Piepenbrok, pastor of the church, will occupy the new parsonage at an early date."

October 3, 1917. School board minutes. "Moved by trustee Davis that Lena Cable be hired to teach at the colored church. Carried."

October 4, 1917: "The draft board in Marshall was highly gratified Tuesday afternoon when a young Russian, Marion A. Jablonski of this city, who had previously claimed exemption from military duty because he was an alien, voluntarily renounced his claim and asked the privilege of being inducted into the service. He declared that if America is good enough to live in, it is good enough to fight for."

October 6, 1917: Albion Schools Are Still Crowded. The Albion Public Schools, after one month of re-arranging the grades to accommodate the large number of pupils, are running smoothly. Some of the grades are holding only half day sessions but this will not last much longer as the new Dalrymple School will be finished in a few weeks."

October 11, 1917. "Sammies Smokes are on the Way to Trenches. If the soldiers S.O.S. is "Send on Smokes," then our boys in France will be mighty glad to know that the Recorder’s first check in its tobacco fund reached the fine total shown in the cut ($63.00)…Send in your quarter or dollar. Remember that the Red Cross sees to it that the American tobacco goes directly to our boys."

October 17, 1917: "Military Training for Albion High. In accordance with the act passed last spring by the state legislature…Albion High School is making preparation to comply with the law and give a course in military training." "Albion’s Tobacco Kits on the Way."

October 22, 1917. "Albion Russians Buy Liberty Bonds. Albion’s Russian settlement opened the Liberty Loan campaign Sunday by subscribing for $1,550 worth of Liberty Loan Bonds…Mr. and Mrs. Myron Markowich, 720 Austin Ave, bought a $200 bond for themselves and $100 for their 13-month old daughter Marie. Others who bought bonds, and the amounts were Kostie Krawchuk, 720 Austin, $100; Zimowitch Zlotnik, Mike Koroluk, Paul Sedownichik and John Marchuk, 726 Austin, $100 each; Pit Klimowich, same address, $200; Filip Marolu, same address, $50, Mike Dubino, 519 Austin, $100, Nikolay Budko and Maxim Budko, 26 Albion St., $100 each, George Grenewich, 891 Austin, $200."

October 23, 1917: "Albion’s Aliens Take More Bonds. Albion’s Russians and Poles made a further advance against the Kaiser yesterday when they subscribed for $2,850 of Liberty Bonds.

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