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Morning Star, June 3, 2018, pg. 3

Each year at this time we feature the Albion High School class of 100 years ago. The class of 1918 was the 41st graduating class and had 51 graduates. 19 were boys, and 32 were girls. It was an unusual time, as the U.S. was at War with Germany, and many of the young men of the class would be going off to war. In fact, in recognition of war-time at the graduation ceremony held on May 29 at the Methodist Church, the girls of the graduating class wore white sailor suits and blue ties.

Class president was Joseph Walsh McAuliffe. Valedictorian was Helen J. Shepard. Salutatorian was Marie Plumb. The class motto was "Well Begun is Half Done."The class memorial consisted of two paintings which were given to the Superintendent, Lucius W. Fast who accepted them on behalf of the school board.

The featured speaker of the evening was Dr. Lloyd C. Douglas, pastor of the Congregational Church of Ann Arbor. His topic was "The New Vocation,"in which he gave several references to the War going on in Europe.

In looking at the list of members of the Class of 1918, I recognize one immediately: Mildred Byfuss (originally Beilfuss) (1899-1976). She became Mildred (Mrs. Joseph) Duckworth and taught in the Albion Public Schools for many years at Dalrymple School.

The Class of 1918 consisted of the following members. How many of our readers recognize any of them? Roscoe Aiken, L. Vern Anthony, Mildred A. Beebe, Mildred Byfuss, Albert T. Carrington, Myra Carty, Ivah Claucherty, Charlotte Cool, Charles Crittenden, Doris Culkins, Bessie Dembrock, Zella Derby, Dorothy Diehl, W. Ray Ferguson, Esther L. Fiss, Richard Gale, Stephen Garfield, Ruth Gibbs, W. Kenneth Gillett, Earl Green, Leslie Harrop, William Houck, Donald Howell, Frederick King, Stuart Kingsnorth, Josephine Kinmont, Frances Kirby, Benjamin Knight, Reta Kopp, Olive Krenerick, Helen Loomis, Chester Manning, Marian Matheson, Clara-Marie Miller, Lesa Mosher, Ida Palmiter, Ola Pell, Marie Plumb, Lios Seekell, Helen Shepard, Edith Sialer, Hazel Stankrauff, Lona Stockmeyer, Vera Tomlinson, Clarence Weaver, Lela Wicks, Willard Wiselogel, and Gertrude Yates.

From our Historical Notebook this week we present a photograph of Albion High School as it appeared during the 1910s and early 1920s.

Albion High School, circa 1910.


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