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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - AUGUST 1918

Morning Star, August 5, 2018, pg. 16

We have an update from our July 22 article about the Jack Howard Band photograph. Vicki (Potter) Knickerbocker of Marshall has identified (thank you!) those in the photograph, including her father Gaylord Potter. Gaylord was organist at Win Schuler’s in Marshall for many years and played on the WALM radio program "Luncheon at Schuler’s"in the 1950s. This is a 1939 photograph. Left to right: Otho "Oats" Alcorn, Dom Zanotti, Jack Howard, Arnold Schepel, and Gaylord Potter playing the xylophone.

Jack Howard Band, circa 1942

We continue with our theme of "Albion—00 Years Ago."August 1, 1918: "The case of Mrs. McDuffy, colored, who asked for a warrant yesterday against her husband for assault and battery was investigated and settled by Chief of Police Hubbard out of court. The couple have agreed to separate and Mr. McDuffy, who is about 25 years older than his wife, has given his wife her clothes and enough money to go to Lansing where she will live with her mother."

August 2, 1918. "Benham Family Reunion. An occasion long to be remembered as was annual Benham family reunion held Thursday at the beautiful farm home of H. L. Brown, 6 miles north of Parma…Those in attendance from Albion were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Benham., Mrs. Alice Benham and son Rollo, Delos Snyder, Mrs. Carrie Ott and son Clifford, and Mr. and Mrs. Will French."

August 3, 1918: "Mrs. J. W. Ryser and two boys, who have been visiting the former’s mother, Mrs. Lena Bohm, left today for Bellevue where they will be the guests of Mrs. McCarthy."

August 5, 1918: "Stops Duck Lake Drinking Party. Probably one of the most exciting arrests in some time occurred at Duck Lake last evening when Deputy Sheriff McCarty neatly nabbed the principals in a little drinking party which had been in progress ever since Friday night."

August 9, 1918: "Boy Electrocuted on Third Rail. A terrible accident that cost the life of little 11-year-old Harold Hartwig happened at 3:35 this afternoon when he was electrocuted on the third rail of the Michigan Railway on the bridge near the Murdock woods, about a mile east of the city."

August 10, 1918: "Dr. Dickie is Seriously Injured. The city was profoundly stirred by the news late yesterday afternoon that Dr. Samuel Dickie had been struck by a Michigan Railway car and that he might be seriously injured."

"Infirmities incident to advanced age were responsible for the death of Job Mallory, a pioneer of Calhoun County, at the residence of his son, Sheriff Erva J. Mallory, shortly after 12 o’clock Sunday night. Mr. Mallory was one of the last survivors of that period of the early days of Albion when that now industrial and educational center as known as "The Forks"

"August 15, 1918. Baby Killed by Michigan Railway. Another tragedy that took a little life happened last evening about 7:40 on Austin Avenue when Ledia, the year-and-a-half-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dempski, met her death by being struck by the eastbound interurban, due here at 7:49. The terrible accident took place directly in front of the Dempski home at 901 Austin Avenue."

August 17, 1918. "H. C. Conant, who lives west of the Gale shops, received word today that his grandson, John L. Conant of Coldwater, is dead in France."

"Albion Now Has Four Majors in Army. Albion now has the honor of having four majors in the service. Majors George Hafford, Grove Dunham, R. C. Gildart, and Dean Hudnutt."

"Mrs. Nettie M. Steffe has stored her household goods and will leave today for Boaz, Alabama, where she has accepted a position as director of music in Snead Seminary, a school for southern white people having an enrollment of 600 students. Mrs. Steffe is a graduate of Albion College Conservatory."

"To the public: I wish to announce that after September 1st I will discontinue horseshoeing and will convert my shop into a general repair and auto shop…William Bemer."

August 19, 1918: "Booze Causes Auto Smash-Up. An alleged booze party in the woods near Bath Mills Saturday night was the cause of a horse and buggy driven by Byron Billsborrow, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Billsborrow, southeast of the city, accompanied by Vernor Wood, having run into by an auto driven by Frank Hardt, a serious accident being narrowly averted."

August 20, 1918: Stephen J. Matechek, 806 Hall St., who was reported from Marshall has having registered as an alien, is an American…He was born in America, as was his father, and cannot understand how the mistake was made in his registration."

August 23, 1918: Headline: "City Hospital out of Debt. New Board Makes Wonderful Showing in Wiping Out Indebtedness of Over $14,000 in Less Than Three Months."

August 30, 1918; "The Hotel Albion will open its dining room Sunday noon after being closed for several weeks because it was impossible to get a chef."

"E. M. Sova is still suffering from a strained back which he received last Monday while lifting a sack of flour at Mounteer’s bakery. In some way the muscles were strained and he has been unable to work since."


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