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Albion 100 Years Ago - MARCH 1919

Morning Star, February 24, 2019, pg. 9

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." March 1, 1919. "Ninety years young tomorrow, Mrs. Ada S. [Grosvenor] Ranney, one of Albion's oldest pioneers both in point of years and in residence, is giving a small birthday party at her home on W. Erie St. today."

March 4, 1919. Fred Kowal, struck by a Michigan Central passenger train here Sunday evening, February 23, died yesterday afternoon at the city hospital as the result of his injuries…On the day of his fatal accident he had come from Detroit…to visit at the home of Alex Demitruk, 911 Austin Avenue."

March 5, 1919: "The City Council has raised the city rate five cents on a hundred dollars valuation, making the rate for 1919 $1.05. The big item of improvement this year will be for street and pavement improvement…the grading and graveling of Irwin Avenue from the pavement to the city limits."

March 7, 1919. "Lieut. Col. Gildart Dead in France. Mrs. William B. Gildart received word today of the death February 23 of her son, Lt. Col. R. Clyde Gildart in France, of bronchial pneumonia. A graduate of West Point, Lt. Col. Gildart has risen rapidly in the artillery branch of the service since the War started."

March 10, 1919. "The name of the foreigner killed at North Concord Saturday morning while working with the section gang was Pano Penchoff, a Bulgarian, living in Parma. Mr. Penchoff had been working on the section only about a month."

March 19, 1919. "Duck Lake Will be Real Resort. At a meeting of about 30 men at the club-house Tuesday evening, it was decided to form a company to be known as the Albion-Duck Lake Improvement association, and to incorporate for $25,000. The purpose of the organization is to take over the property along the east side of Duck Lake, known as the Monroe property, and improve it for resort purposes."

"Albion Township Nominates Women. Albion Township is certain to have a woman for township clerk this coming year. Both the Republican and Democratic caucuses have nominated a new voter for this important office. Mrs. John Barkley whose husband has held this office for 9 years, is the nominee of the Republican caucus, while Mrs. Charles Reichow has been nominated by the township Democrats."

March 27, 1919. "Bullen Store has Big Anniversary. Twenty-five years, a quarter of a century in the retail business as proprietor, George T. Bullen still gives his trade the welcome "good morning" and will celebrate his 25th anniversary on Saturday and Monday. The story of Mr. Bullen's business career reads like a romance of American achievement. Coming to Albion from Parma 35 years ago, clerking for several years, entering a partnership, and finally building up the institution known as Bullen's Big Busy Store, is the story of one of Albion's most respected and optimistic citizens."

"Miss Geraldine Townsend and her team of high school debaters, Miss Gwendolyn Dew, Wilbur Diehl and Hilmar Fox, left this morning for Benton Harbor where they will meet the high school orators there this evening in the district contest to decide who will continue in the race for the state championship."


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