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Albion 100 Years Ago - MARCH 1920

Morning Star, March 1, 2020, pg. 5

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." March 2, 1920: "Clyde Duddles, instructor in chemistry and Albion High School, and Richard Williams, a student living in the country near Albion were painfully burned with sulphuric acid as the result of an accident which occurred this morning just before noon in the high school chemical laboratory. They were pouring the acid from a large glass carboy into a smaller container when one side of the carboy broke, scattering the acid on both."

"Big Farm Passes from Billinghurst Family. Oscar Wilder of Bloomington, IL came to Albion yesterday to complete the transaction whereby he obtained possession of the 200-acre Billinghurst farm, located three miles west of the city. This farm was purchased about 60 years ago by Daniel Billinghurst, who resided there until the time of his death in 1896."

March 3, 1920. "Announcement was made today by the Duck Lake Improvement Association that Charles F. Gaffney of Burlington, IA had been secured to have supervision over the resort on the east side of Duck Lake and that plans have been perfected for an unusually interesting season at the popular summer place."

"Speros Andritsakes, one of the proprietors of the Albion Confectionery on S. Superior St., returned to Albion yesterday afternoon after an absence of two years and two months during which time he has been visiting in Greece, his native land."

March 6, 1920. "The case of the people vs. John McKinney of this city, charged with violation of the liquor law by keeping a place where liquor is sold, will be the first to come up on the criminal docket of the March term of circuit court, which opens Monday morning in Battle Creek."

"X Case is Dismissed in Marshall. After four adjournments had been made in the case of the people vs. X of this city, charged with the murder of Nick Martin in the latter's store on Albion St. the evening of December 15, Justice Miller of Marshall this morning dismissed the case and allowed X his liberty. The prosecution, while it apparently had a good case against X from the start, was unable to get all the evidence necessary to bring about a conviction. Apparently, the Martin murder will now be added to the list of unsolved criminal mysteries on the records of Calhoun County."

March 10, 1920. Olin, the 8-year-old son of Edward Knickerbocker, 407 N. Eaton St., can consider himself lucky to be alive, after an accident which occurred this noon in which he shot himself with a revolver under the right eye. The bullet is still in his head but physicians think that he will recover from his gruesome experience, unless there are complications. The revolver, a 220 calibre affair, had been left in a bureau drawer in an upper room in the Knickerbocker home. Olin found it however and was experimenting with it when he accidently pressed the trigger."

March 11, 1920. The Hayes Wheel Company's plant where all the millions of hubs for Hayes auto wheels are produced, will have the distinction of being the first Albion concern to publish a factory organ, the announcement having been made that a new periodical called The Hub will be regularly issued in the near future."

March 13, 1920: Although everything is all ready for the move into the new garage building at the corner of Ash and Superior Sts, Henry F. Tuchtenhagen will not make the change until it is possible for him to remove the gasoline tank which is imbedded deep in the ground at the present garage at the corner of Ash and Ionia Sts. The move will probably be made within the next two or three weeks, however."

March 17, 1920. "John McKinney of Albion has been received at the county jail to begin his 60 days sentence for violating the prohibition law."

March 20, 1920. "Arza L. McCutcheon, former Albion Mayor, for several years a justice of the peace in this city, and prominent lodge member, died this morning at 3 o'clock at his residence, 412 E. Michigan Avenue.

March 22, 1920. "Fourteen Men Taken in Raid for Gambling. A raid of a room over Bennett's pool-room on W. Porter St., pulled off at 2 o'clock Sunday morning by county and city officers, resulted in the arrest of fourteen colored me, who were taken to Marshall for safe-keeping in the county jail and arraigned in a county seat justice court today. The men arrested were: Frank Bennett, owner of the pool-room, Harry Clark, Jerry Butts, Ernest Morrison, Sam Goldsmith, Wilson Gilchrist, Sr., Wilson Gilchrist, Jr., John Presley, Josh Malachi, Henderson Hunter, Edward Gray, James Cook, and E. N. Jackson. Members of the raiding party said seven of the men were playing poker while the rest looked on."

March 23, 1920. "Local Coal Mine Starts Digging on Thursday. Announcement was made today from the offices of the B. S. K. Coal Mining Company that the concern's mine, north of Albion, which has been closed down since November 1, would be reopened Thursday morning of this week and that various improvements installed during the close down would enable the company to greatly increase its output. J. K. Knapp, secretary of the company, said today that 75 men would be employed at the mine and that new equipment would enable to concern to produce 150 tons of coal per day."

March 27, 1920. "Eastern Time, one hour faster than the present Central Standard Time, will prevail in Albion, starting April 4, as the result of action taken by the city council at a special meeting held in the city offices Friday afternoon."

"Mike Zaremba, one of the Albion Russians who has been in jail at Marshall since last fall, awaiting deportation, was released yesterday on a $1,000 bond filed by Attorney J. L. Hooper, and approved by the officials at Washington D. C. He returned to his wife and four children here."


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