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Albion 100 Years Ago - JUNE 1920

Morning Star, June 6, 2020, pg. 3

We continue with our theme of "Albion, 100 Years Ago." June 1, 1920. "Deputy Sheriff G. U. McCarty took Willie Stamper, the 14-year-old colored boy who has been the bane of the life of the local officers for several weeks because of his capacity to get into scrapes, to the state hospital at Kalamazoo Saturday. He had been in the city jail since he recently set three fires in one evening in the business district."

Six Albion people, two of whom have been very prominent in local bootlegging operations for many months, according to the officers, were arrested as the result of a raid made Sunday. Those arrested were Charles Weidner, Mrs. Augustine Demske, Fred Demske, Nick George, and Stanley Demske. The two-last mentioned it is said have been ring leaders in the wholesale liquor manufacturing business."

"Carl Sleeper broke his right arm above the wrist Sunday, while cranking his car." "Not enough people have paid in advance for the city garbage collection service to warrant furnishing the service."

June 2, 1920: "First Albion Rabbit Show Big Success. The first pet stock show to be held in Albion in many years that was put on at the old Airdome Theatre on W. Porter St. Saturday-Monday, was a most interesting exhibition. There were over 100 rabbits, mostly blooded stock on show, as well as a good exhibit of cavies, or guinea-pigs. The judge was C. F. Dickinson of Springport."

June 3, 1920: "Mrs. Frank Hess is suffering from burns received in an explosion at her home. She had cleaned a mattress with gasoline and left it in a bedroom, the door of which she closed tight. Afterwards she put Sulphur in a dish, lighted it and went to the room to put the dish there to fumigate the room. As soon as she opened the door the gas in the room coming in contact with the burning sulphur exploded. The shock was so great it stripped all of the panels out of the door, throwing some of the pieces across the room adjoining the bedroom, and also breaking out a pane of glass on the farther side of the house over 25 feet away. Mrs. Hess’ clothing also caught fire, burning her severely."

"Stanley Demske and Nick George, arrested in the recent liquor raid at Chapin Lake, pled guilty before Judge North and were given fines of $200, costs of $200, and 60 days in jail each."

June 4, 1920. "Springport Mill Destroyed by Fire Early today. Word was received by the Albion Fire Department at 4:30 this morning that the Springport flour and feed mill which has occupied a prominent place on Springport’s main business street for many years, was on fire and help was needed. The mill was owned and operated by Victor Snyder, at one time a resident of Albion where he was connected with the Nowlin company."

June 10, 1920. "City Manager Walter E. Baumgardner handed in his resignation to Mayor Hoaglin today to take effect July 15, and has accepted a position as city manager of Alpena, Michigan."

June 11, 1920. Headline: "Clarence Trine Badly Injured in Fall From Roof. Well Known Albion Man has Left Hip Broken When Scaffolding Breaks, Allowing Him to Drop to Cement Walk, 30 Feet Below."

June 12, 1920. Liquor Raid Results in 3 Arrests. Two men and a woman, all foreigners, were arrested Friday…as the result of a raid on a liquor still at the Ott farm, four miles west of the city on the Erie St. road. Those arrested were Mrs. Beruslava, 726 Austin Ave, Joe Lukski, blacksmith living on Ash St., and Ignatz Masno, 913 Austin Avenue.

June 17, 1920. College Secures Dormitory Site. Garfield Home of 8 Acres is Purchased. One of the most important forward steps in the progress of Albion College made in recent years came this afternoon…when President Samuel Dickie made the gratifying announcement that the Garfield property on Michigan Avenue had been secured as the site for a woman’s dormitory." "Erva J. Mallory, ex-sheriff and at present superintendent of Riverside Cemetery, was appointed city manager."

June 24, 1920. William D. Brundage, the highly capable general manager of the hub plant of the Hayes Wheel Co. located in this city, has been promoted to the most responsible position in the entire Hayes Wheel organization and is now assistant general manager of all of the Hayes factories."

"The city is installing water in six houses on N. Albion St. north of Austin Ave, for the Malleable Iron Company. Most of these houses were moved by the Company from ground near the north end of the plant, to make room for improvements there." "Work will be started soon on the repairing of that part of South Albion Road lying within the city limits near the cemetery [NOTE: Today this is M-99 by Riverside Cemetery]. This stretch of highway is very rough."

June 26, 1920. "Dog is Milk Thief. A pretty wise dog turned milk thief on N. Clinton St. this morning. A canine actually lugged from a porch a bottle of milk left by the milkman and carried this into its mouth down to the lot near the Michigan Central depot where he had its breakfast. The animal had little trouble in punching in the top and in drinking from the bottle. A number of employees of the Albion Bolt Co. witnessed the unusual demonstration."

June 29, 1920. "A fine collection of minerals formerly belonging to the late Dr. Stone and now the property of his daughter, Mrs. Fred A. Avery, was looted Sunday by two small boys who entered the former Stone residence, recently moved from the corner of Ash and Superior St. to Ash and Ionia by H. F. Tuchtenhagen. The two young offenders were Joe Pasic, 13, and Mike Mymochod, 11, They took what they thought were pieces of gold ore. Part of their booty they buried in a cornfield on Austin Ave, some they hid in a barn at the corner of Albion St. A few of the specimens they agreed to sell for $5 to Frank Wesley, 726 Austin Ave. The officers discovered the identity of the culprits when Wesley went to a jewelry store to see what his purchase was worth. The boys returned most of the specimens. Deputy Sheriff McCarty went to Marshall today to take Pasic’s case before the probate court, as he is a pronounced incorrigible."


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