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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, May 21, 1995, pg. 19

Each year at this time in our Historical Notebook as we approach the high school graduation season, we honor the Albion High School class of a century ago. In my book A History of the Albion Public Schools which is still available for sale at various locations here in town, I have devoted a chapter to the classes of Albion High School 1878-1991. Here you can look up each class year, and read the names of faces of long ago. The earlier classes up through the turn of the century were listed in detail, giving a person’s occupation, where they were living, and a woman’s married name.

The Albion Public Schools published several student handbooks during this period, and the alumni were listed in the back. In the following listing, class members still lived in Albion unless noted otherwise. The class of 1895 had 27 members, with only 7 men. In the following list, how many of our readers have ancestors who appear here? Although class photographs were taken annually, no photograph is known to have survived of the Albion High School Class of 1895. The names of class members, where they lived (other than Albion), and their occupation, is as follows:

James J. Wiselogel, farmer; Lina B. Baum; Florene M. Smith, teacher, Detroit; Olive R. Rogers (Mrs. Frank Calvert), Detroit; Maud E. Boyd (Mrs. John R. Boyd); D. Augustus Glascoff, clerk, Washington, D.C.; Kathleen M. Sheehan (Mrs. A. A. Atwood), Buffalo; Maude L. Hoaglin; Mabel A. Hoaglin; Charles M. Price, conductor; Marian Holt, Devereaux; Lena B. Fitch (Mrs. William Ross); Frank J. Haight; Emma J. Finch (Mrs. Gillman C. Richardson), Morenci, Arizona; Ethel A Mench, nurse, Chicago; Bertha E. Howard (Mrs. James Smith); LeRoy Bliss, farmer; Katherine E. Raub (Mrs. Dean Young); Lela M. Lamphere, bookkeeper, Owosso; Bessie I Cole, teacher, Rapid City, South Dakota; Vertie B. Stokes (Mrs. William Thompson), Hillsdale; L. Avery H. Hubbard (Mrs. Fred Hubbard), deceased; Thomas J. McAuliffe, clerk; Myrtie O. Densmore (Mrs. Charles Groff); and Myrtie B. Green, teacher, Berrien Springs.

In lieu of a class photograph, from our Historical Notebook this week we present an unusual artist’s rendition of how Albion High School looked like from 1922 to 1926, when the new “west wing” was completed and became the high school addition. This was the first of a construction project which saw an east wing erected in 1926, and in 1927, the old Central School portion was demolished to make room for a new center section. The entire complex then became known as Washington Gardner High School.

Artist’s Rendition of Albion High School from 1922 to 1926


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