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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.

Albion 100 Years Ago - October 1899

Morning Star, October 3, 1999, pg. 18

A few "housekeeping" items here to start this week’s column. Don’t forget my Riverside Cemetery tour this coming Sunday, October 10. We’ll meet on the south side of the cemetery along M-99, and the tour will begin at 1:30 p.m. Bring your entire family for an enjoyable afternoon together. Tell your friends, and don’t miss it.

I have just a very few Festival of the Forks elongated quarter badges left, and these are available for sale at the Albion Chamber of Commerce. With only 136 made, these are already collector’s items and the last ones at the Chamber are almost sold out. Is your Festival memorabilia collection complete with these badges?

Finally, if you are considering disposing of your old Albion city directories, old Albion photographs, albums, school yearbooks or newspapers, postcards, Albion and Calhoun County history books and materials, etc., please let me know. I have my own private archives which I use in my research in this preparation of material for this column. This helps me tremendously. Many of the pictures and materials used in this column come from such donations. I thank you for your consideration.

We continued with our theme of "Albion 100 Years Ago This Month" as we approach the year 2000. Week ending October 5, 1899: "On last Thursday complaint was made by Miss Agnes Gorton, a student at the college, that her hand bag was on the day before taken from the window seat on the second floor of Austin & Tucker’s Dry Goods store. She stated who was in the room at the time and that the currency and valuable papers which the bag contained amounted to nearly $400. Suspicion was attached to a certain woman living in the city, and the officers began an investigation which resulted in the arrest of Mrs. D. E. Zimmerman."

"The work of surveying the route for the Jackson, Albion, Marshall and Battle Creek electric railway was begun at Jackson on Thursday. It is reported that work will begin on the road at once." "Dr. A. J. Abbott performed an operation for appendicitis upon the young daughter of E. J. Stookey, in Maple Street, last Saturday."

Week ending October 12, 1899: "Mrs. Bertha Hadley, who was reported missing last week, has been heard form. She was married last Wednesday evening in Marshall to Albert Parshall of Concord." "The mail boxes throughout the city are being covered with aluminum paint with raised letters in red, in accordance with an act which has recently been passed, and which makes the appearances of these boxes uniform throughout the U.S." "Raymond B. Gardner, Freiburg, Germany, is one of our latest subscribers. Mr. Gardner is well pleased with his life on the other side and will soon enter school in Freiburg."

Week ending October 19, 1899: "Last April Ruth Wall, of Eaton Rapids, during her last sickness made a will devising all her real estate to Albion College, subject to the life interests of two brothers and a few minor charges upon the income of the farm. The heirs filed objections to admitting the will to probate, alleging undue influence and mental unsoundness, and the trial, which lasted ten days, was hotly contested by both sides (Note: Albion College won)."

Week ending October 26, 1899: "The laying of a cobble stone gutter was begun on Superior Street from Cass Street south to the elevator of the stone mill on Monday last. This gutter is 8 feet wide and is being laid under the direction of G. Peters, an expert in his line from Kalamazoo. The city prepares the ground, provides the material and pays Mr. Peters 12 cents per yard for his work."

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