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Albion 100 Years Ago - February 1900

Morning Star, February 6, 2000, Pg. 19

We continue with our monthly “100 Years Ago” theme. Week prior to February 8, 1900: “Mrs. Jennie Hayes, who lives in Center St., was severely burned one day last week by the ignition of a skillet of lard. Prompt work saved her from dangerous injuries. The Albion College basket ball team played against Hillsdale college at Hillsdale Tuesday evening, and won easily by the score of 40 to 3. The Hillsdale players lacked experience.”

“William, John and Roy Harris, of Sheridan township, were arrested Saturday on the charge of breaking into a schoolhouse with the intent to commit the crime of arson. On the preceding Thursday night certain parties entered the Franklin [Note: this was the White Schoolhouse on C Drive North at 28 1/2 Mile Rd] district schoolhouse, one and one-half miles north of this city, and maliciously destroyed the furnishings. The library was torn up, slates were smashed in pieces, and after other depreciations, an attempt was made to burn the building,which fortunately was not successful. Suspicion was directed towards the Harris boys and they were taken in custody by Deputy Graham. Examination was waived before Justice Warren. They were bound over to Circuit court and in default of securing bail which was fixed at $1,000 each, were taken to Marshall.”

Week prior to February 15. “There certainly is no habit so dirty, offensive and at the same time such a menace to public health as that disgusting practice, which unfortunately seems to be on the increase in Albion, the habit of expectorating on the sidewalk.

This is of course more noticeable on summer evenings when the tobacco chewing loafers are wont to congregate upon the street corners, but even the mild days of winter bring them out, and it is impossible for a lady to walk the length of main street, keeping her skirts clear of tobacco juice. I wonder what sort of an impression of our city a stranger gathers if he happens to arrive on some pleasant day or evening and walks down through the business section of town. The cement walks thickly dotted with huge brown spots on every corner or in front of every stairway must, to say the least, be extrememly offensive to his aesthetic sense, and he doubtless moves on to the next town under the impression that our population is strongly addicted to the use of the filthy weed.”

Week prior to February 29. “Local contractors are figuring on a three story block 65 x 80, which J. J. Hurley proposes to have erected this spring [Note: This is the building, 100 year old this year, housing the Lopez Taco House] on the site of the old Maher property on Superior St. adjoining the Michigan Central tracks The old building to be torn down is one of the landmarks of Albion’s early history. It was put up by Jesse Crowell, first used as a warehouse, and later, for many years owned and used as a planing mill by George Maher, from whose estate it was purchased by Mr. Hurley a year ago.”

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