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Albion 100 Years Ago - June 1901

Morning Star, June 3, 2001, pg. 3

We couldn’t help but notice the recent Albion High School graduating class size of only 86 students. It hasn’t been that low of a number since 86 in the class of 1930 at the start of the Great Depression, over 70 years ago! Why is this? List the reasons over the restaurant discussion table this week. Compare this years 86 with the AHS Class of 1974, for example, which had 221 students.

We continue with our theme of Albion, 100 years ago. This month’s segment makes mention of the George E. Dean-laid sidewalks which are 100 years ago this month. Some of these sidewalks still exist today in the 500 to 900 blocks of S. Superior and S. Eaton Sts., including in front of the house of yours truly. They are now the oldest sidewalks in the city. At an original cost of 7½¢ per foot, perhaps it’s now time for the city to replace them (or do we get an historical marker instead?). They are easily identifiable by the pattern of "dots" on the surface, and the name "G.E. DEAN 1901" stamped in the corner at property lines.

June 13, 1901: "Samuel Dickie, L.L.D., who has been acting president since the retirement of former President Dr. John P. Ashley, who has since resigned, was unanimously elected permanent president, at the annual meeting of the board of trustees of Albion College, on Tuesday afternoon, and he made his acceptance on Wednesday morning."

"The contract for building the city’s cement walks for the ensuing year has been let to George E. Dean at seven and one-half cents per square foot." "Mrs. Alphonso [Juliet Calhoun] Blakeley has removed to the corner of Center and Clinton Sts. which home her son Charles Blakeley recently purchased of William J. Porr." "Tomorrow at 2 o’clock at the home of Henry Montgomery Dearing, funeral services of his sister, Mrs. S. A. Gregg will be held and the interment will be at Jackson. Mrs. Gregg died on yesterday morning at Springport after several months’ illness. She was for many years a resident of Jackson where her husband was ticket agent at the Michigan Central station."

June 20, 1901: "Among the decisions handed down by the supreme court this week was one denying a writ of mandamus in the case of Hatch vs. Calhoun circuit judge. This is in reality the VanSickle case. It will be remembered that Mr. Van Sickle, who was pathmaster in the township of Marengo, failed to warn the taxpayers to work out their road tax and the same was returned and assessed against them." "A rural free delivery route from the postoffice in Marshall through Marengo township was ordered established by the post office at Washington on Monday. The star route and postoffice at Tokio will both be discontinued and the office at Rice Creek will be supplied by the rural carrier." "The team attached to the milk wagon of A. W. Radee broke loose from the wagon while on E. Erie St. on Monday morning, and ran for some distance before being caught."

June 27, 1901: "A mortgage sale of the outfit of the Calhoun County Telephone Company is advertised for next Saturday. The sale is rendered necessary by the inability of the company to compete with the low rates of the Bell Telephone Company." "May Prove Fatal. Terrible Deed of Mrs. Lucina [Gale] Sheldon. Attempts suicide while temporarily insane. Insomnia the cause of the mental disturbance--Patient still unconscious and grave fears of her recovery are uncertain." "Emil Haeske has gone to Paw Paw where he will continue in the harness business." "Court News. The examination of Milton Evans, who was charged with larceny from Fred Sebastian, was continued before Justice Smith yesterday afternoon. There being a lack of sufficient evidence, Evans was discharged. The case of T. Courtright, who was arrested for the larceny of a bicycle from Benjamin Olds, came up in Justice Smith’s court yesterday. It was discharged on the return of the wheel."

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