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Albion 100 Years Ago - AUGUST 1903

Morning Star, August 3, 2003, pg. 19

We continue with our theme of Albion--100 Years Ago. Week ending August 6, 1903: “George W. Brail has taken a position in the department of mathematics in the high school at South Haven.” “Mrs. Harriette Overy, who has been visiting in Concord the past three weeks in the family of her son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Overy, is now at Bath Mills with her son, Henry Overy, and family, en route for South Haven, intending to make short stays with her son, Thomas, in Albion, with friends in Marshall, and other places during the coming few weeks.” “The mill at Union City which was left by the late Ezra Bostwick to Albion College has been sold to Daniel White for $8,000.”

“City Council Proceedings of July 26, 1903. Alderman White moved that the mud silt of the black ditch be taken out and lowered 6 inches. Alderman Emmons moved that the Marshal be instructed to remove the scales of Ezra Robertson [Note: a butcher] from Erie St. Alderman Miller moved that the money for the purchase of land for opening Ann St. be paid from the contingent fund.”

August 13, 1903: “Miss Lily Shafer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Shafer, living west of this city, and Emer Oderkirk, of Midland, have furnished a little romance and surprised their friends by the announcement that they were married during the last week of July, while camping with a party of friends at Lyon Lake, six miles south of Marshall.”

“Talked on Race Problem. James A. Welton, a colored student of Albion College, occupied a portion of the time during the services at the M. E. Church Sunday [Note: in Augusta] night and spoke on the race problem. Mr. Welton is an exceptionally bright young man and seems to have made a deep study of the question which is of such vital importance to his race. He reminded his audience how his people came out of bondage without education, money or morality, and that with proper training and opportunity they can have all three. At the close the pastor suggested a collection to help Mr. Welton, who will go back south and work among his people when he finishes his college course. The collection was a liberal one and cheerfully given [NOTE: James Welton was the first black graduate of Albion College, class of 1904].”

“The annual Passmore family reunion was held last Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Passmore, about 60 relatives being present. “The remains of C. W. Wheaton, a former resident of this city, were brought here from Jackson for burial last Friday. Mr. Wheaton was a member of the G.A.R.” “The fire department was called out Monday afternoon on account of a little fire in the quarters of one of the Italian fruit vendors. A child had dropped a burning match into a straw tick.”

August 20, 1903: “Miss Lena Hunt has secured a position for the coming year as principal of the Homer schools, and Miss May Wartman, who graduated at the Mt. Pleasant Normal last June, will teach in one of the lower grades of the Kalamazoo schools.” “Considerable improvement has been made in Sheldon’s Drug Store by the erection of a gallery on each side and at the back end. This will be used for displaying goods and will make it possible for the proprietor to carry a very large stock.” “William B. Gildart, who just came to Albion from Stockbridge with his family, consisting of his wife, five boys and two girls, has bought what is known as the Comstock house at 209 West Porter Street. Mr. Gildart will open a law office over Schneider’s clothing store.”

August 27, 1903: “Township is Sorry. Marengo farmers want Jackson & Battle Creek Traction Co. to build another road to Marshall. The dispute is over the right of the township of Marengo to give away any privileges on the road over which the traction company enters the city of Marshall.”

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