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Morning Star, May 16, 2004 pg. 7

Coming up at the end of this month is Memorial Day. As we approach this holiday, we hope you will make plans now to attend our Memorial Day parade on May 31, and the special dedication of the new Veteran’s Memorial stage on the south side of Riverside Cemetery along M-99. It is now in the process of being completed this month as the eagle scout project of Michael A. Bearman, age 14. The names of over 200 of Albion’s veterans through the years (many of them World War II veterans) have been molded into the bricks that are being placed on the stage floor as part of this permanent memorial. Come read the names for yourself!

We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending May 5, 1904: “A service of unusual interest occurred at St. James’ Episcopal church Sunday morning, the occasion being Acting Rector T. DeWitt Tanner’s sermon especially for the Knights of Pythias of this city. A special reservation of pews had been made for the members of the order, and nearly 40 K of P’s were present, a majority of whom wore the regalia of the uniform rank and marched to and from the church in a body.”

“A very sad drowning occurred about 8:15 Monday eve in the mill race at the “black gates” near Haven Street, the victim of the tragedy being Miss Florence Bartrem of Owosso, age 22, a freshman at the college and a member of the Delta Gamma sorority in that institution. Monday’s drowning was the third which has occurred from the boat used by Miss Bartrem, this being the same light round bottomed boat from which C. Roy Robertson and Edward J. Estabrook were drowned while on Duck Lake, October 30, 1898.”

“The cigar makers of this city who have for the last ten years been under the jurisdiction of the Jackson Union No. 315, have secured a charter of their own and will hereafter be known as Albion Union No. 468. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, A. W. Camp; vice-president, Fred Hagerman; recording secretary, August Wetzel; financial and corresponding secretary, H. C. Camp; treasurer, Otto Hahn; doorkeeper, Thomas Miller; label custodian, H. Raether; trustees, William Fanning, B. T. Kabel, and A. W. Camp.”

Week ending May 12, 1904: “The abandonment charge against Lawrence Streeter of Lansing has been dropped...Mrs. Streeter was here Saturday and again on Monday in behalf of her husband, and an arrangement was reached whereby the little boy [Harold] becomes permanently a member of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Behling. The proper legal steps, it is understood, have been taken to give up their child. Mr. and Mrs. Behling have no children of their own and had become much attached to the little fellow during the weeks that he was left with them last month.”

“Frank Hope, a lineman in the telephone service, while working upon a pole in East Erie Street, Saturday afternoon, was accidentally killed by grasping a live electric light wire. He fell about 35 feet to the cement walk below, and lived but 10 minutes after the accident occurred.”

Week ending May 19, 1904: James B. Loomis of Nome, Alaska, who was a resident of Albion during the sixties renewed old friendships this week. Mr. Loomis was captain of the 6th Michigan Cavalry.” “A prospective novel addition to the organizations of the city is an Albion branch of the Up-to-Date Burial Association, of which it is said nearly 600 of the 1,000 members required have been obtained.”

Week ending May 26, 1904: “The old Albion Electric Light Co. building at the corner of Cass and Monroe Streets was totally destroyed by fire last night, and several neighboring residences were saved from a like result only by the prompt and efficient efforts of the fire department, assisted by other volunteers. The fire, one of the fiercest while it lasted that has occurred in Albion in many years, seems undoubtedly to have been of incendiary origin, and an act of vandalism that merits most severe punishment, if the firebugs are apprehended.”

“One of the largest events in the history of the Albion Tent, No. 180 Knights of the Maccabees took place last evening when the local lodge entertained hundreds of members of the great order from the surrounding cities and towns, and initiated a class of 78 candidates.”

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