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Morning Star, September 4, 2005, pg. 9

This month marks the 100th anniversary of the building of our present Victory-park dam, as you will read about here. This week we present a special never-before-published photograph of our dam, looking “up” from the bottom. Notice the horse and buggy on the Haven Road bridge above. On the right is a utility-wire tower. The barn-like building on the right is the Eastman Ice Company storage barn where ice that was harvested from the River over the winter was stored for Albion’s ice boxes the rest of the year. To the right and just below the waterfall is the fish ladder which once was located there. Notice the “blank” spots in the waterfall. There were triangular-shaped concrete “wedges” on top which helped break the ice in the winter. Today, only the center one remains.

The Waterfall at Victory Park Dam

We continue with our theme of “Albion 100 Years Ago.” Week ending September 7, 1905: “George Hardy, the model life convict, paroled yesterday by Gov. Warner from Jackson prison, arrived here this evening. Hardy left for Duck Lake to visit his aged mother. After looking after some business he will return to Jackson and act as engineer at the prison.”

“A Peeper. Last Sunday evening night watchman Stoddard was called to the home of Mrs. Field on Cass St. Theyhad been annoyed during the evening by a man peeping into the window. Officer Stoddard laid in wait for the offender and was rewarded by capturing the man in the act of peeping into a window. Because of the man’s family we will not mention his name. The fine will probably teach him a lesson. There have been a number of complaints of “peepers” in different parts of the city.”

“The Commonwealth Power Company has contracted with George Dean to rebuild their dam near the fairgrounds. Work was commenced this morning and will be rushed to completion.

“The September term of circuit court convened Tuesday afternoon. The divorce docket contains thirty-three cases, several of which are contested. The cases are as follows [excerpts]: Frances vs. William Short; Amanda vs. Milton Rouse; Frank E. vs. Clara P. Nowlin; Mildred G. vs. V.A. Bayn; Ida M. vs. Fred S. Miner; Emma vs. William Debbert.”

Week ending September 14, 1905: “The new dam which George Dean is building for the electric people will not be any higher than the old one and property owners along the river need not worry about an overflow. Yesterday the water being let out of the race, the rocks below the dam were converted into regular fish traps. Many large fish were taken by hand out of the shallow water in the rocks below the dam.”

“New Industry for Albion. The Handy Baggage Truck Company, of Oxford, Michigan, Will Locate in Albion. The company was organized in Oxford to manufacture and put on the market a patent railway baggage truck, invented by L. Barnes, a former railroad man.”

September 29, 1905: “The representatives of the Hartung family gathered at Mr. and Mrs. Phil Hartung’s on Superior St. and held a picnic dinner. This dinner was saddened by the recent death and funeral services of John Hartung of Parma. This death leaves H.C. Hartung of this city the last of seven brothers, the sons of Mr. and Mrs. William Hartung of Delaware, New Jersey.

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