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Any photos not otherwise credited are from the personal collection of Frank Passic, Albion Historian.


Morning Star, October 8, 2006, pg. 6

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We continue with our theme of “Albion--100 Years Ago.” Week ending October 4, 1906. “Mrs. Minnie Mitchell of Jackson filed a petition for divorce against her husband, John C. Mitchell on the grounds of extreme cruelty. On Sunday, September 4, 1904, Mitchell killed Henry Devonshire at Duck Lake and was acquitted of the charge of murder by the jury of his peers.” “Thursday evening Rev. C. E. Huffer was formally installed pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Albion. Rev. J. R. Mitchell, of Jackson, had charge of the installation service proper.”

Week ending October 11, 1906: “The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. George Stone of Lansing, were shocked to hear of the death of Mrs. Stone which occurred last Thursday. Mrs. Stone was Miss Kittie Rice and her father was one of the promoters of the Albion Stone Mill [Note: in partnership with Jesse Crowell].”

“Thursday morning, Game Warden Hoyt descended on to Spectacle Lake and caught Albert Streeter and Allie Wallace busy catching muskrats. They had 50 or 60 traps and were so busy that they didn’t observe the presence of the law. The Game Warden arrested the offenders and Justice McCutcheon fined Streeter $1 and costs of $5.05. Wallace was dismissed on account of his good behavior and the fact that he was only 17 years old.”

“The Albion Lumber Company has been given the contract for the mason work and the carpenter work on the big addition at the Malleable Iron Works.”

Week ending October 18, 1906: “L.A. Simkins of Toledo, and E. Landenburg of Hillsdale, are in town arranging to open their bowling alley next to Morse’s clothing store. They hope to open up this week.” “The water cure for insanity is being used at the asylum in Kalamazoo. The patients practically live in bath tubs, taking their sleep and meals immersed in water. It is claimed that the water serves to soothe them and makes even the most violent tractable and good natured, and in some cases cures them entirely.”

“The funeral of William D. Chapple, president of the Farmer’s State Bank at Concord, was held a the late residence at Bath Mills Monday. Mr. Chapple was a prominent resident of Concord Twp. and held several offices of public trust. In 1866 Mr. Chapple moved to Marshall and took charge of the county poor house, where he remained five years, and in 1871 went back to Concord. Interment was at Albion.”

Week ending October 25, 1906: “Through the efforts of Martin Bolles, the city Market Place is to have a flowing well. He has taken up subscriptions and the well will cost the city nothing. Drilling will be commenced at once [NOTE: This is the now-capped well in the center of the Market Place that has been re-decorated].” “The Albion Bowling Parlors have opened for business although the work of remodeling the room is still going on. The new parlors have three as fine alleys as can be found in Southern Michigan and interest in this ancient game of bowling is growing daily. B. Clack holds the highest score of 180.”

“Harry Gale and Howard Ravencroft were hunting for duck on Farley’s Lake Thursday and shot 22 coot and four duck. Their dog overturned the boat and the boys were obliged to do some wading in water that Ravencroft says was anything but warm.”


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