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Albion 100 Years Ago - January 1907

Morning Star, December 31, 2006, pg. 4

Happy New Year, everyone. We continue with our theme of “Albion 100 Years Ago.” Week ending January 3, 1907. “Killed by the Electric. M.U.R. Claims another Victim at Grade Crossing. Friday morning at 6:20 o’clock, a freight car, with H.A.Capron motorman, and Clark Hunsberger, conductor, struck and instantly killed Mr. George Chapel at the chapel crossing two miles east of Parma. Mr. Chapel was 74 years old and was going to Ann Arbor today to have a cataract removed for his eyes. No blame is attached to the car men and it is thought Mr. Chapel, who had little use of his eyes, walked into the moving car.”

“Street Car Statistics. According to statistics, 26 percent of persons injured in street railway accidents are hurt while getting off cars, and 60 percent of these persons are women. The women do not wait until the car stops, and instead of stepping off the car correctly, they walk off backwards, with the result that they are thrown heavily to the ground or pavement and are generally hurt quite badly.”

“Stole from Countrymen. Joseph Leone and Bendito Richiecki, were arrested last Thursday. Their crime is stealing $200 and five watches from fellow Italians, who were working at the Malleable Iron Works.” “Rensalaer Elwood, who for 30 years conducted a jewelry business in Albion, died at the Michigan State Asylum at Kalamazoo on Sunday, December 30.”

Week ending January 10, 1907: “First Case Against Saloonists. Monday afternoon a complaint was made by Dr. Dickie against Champion Eslow, proprietor of the Commercial Hotel..” “Escape from County Jail. Guisippi Leone and Benditte Richicce, the two Italians who stole $107.14 in money, five watches, two rings, three revolvers, from the Italians here, escaped from the county jail Sunday evening.”

Week ending January 17, 1907: “Eight More Complaints Made. Two drug stores caught. Yesterday afternoon Mr. S.C. Strickland, the Michigan Conference Temperance agent assisted in the getting out of eight more liquor complaints. The eight new complaints which will probably be served today are against the following: Jim Ferrant, B.F. Kinmont, E.L. Moore, John Fox, John McAuliffe, Frank Steinkrauss, Boldt Brothers, and E.S. Richardson of the Hotel Albion.”

Week ending January 24, 1907: “McGuire Brothers were in Justice McCutcheon’s court this morning on the complaint charging them with keeping their saloon open on Sunday, November 4. The complaint was made on the affidavits of Messrs. Merrill and Hart, two Albion College students. These two were the only witnesses examined and they testified to entering McGuire Brothers saloon, and purchasing a half pint of whiskey, and some cigars. The liquor, according to their testimony, is now in the keeping of Dr. Dickie.”

Week ending January 31, 1907: “New Railroad Taking Shape. Messrs. Joseph Taylor, George Mindeman, and C.H. White, the promoters of the new Albion-Charlotte Railroad are in the city today. A construction company will be formed either in Albion or in Charlotte at once, and Mr. Taylor will commence on the construction work as soon as the frost is out of the ground.”

“Charles Cascarella of Albion has commenced a $5,000 damage suit against the National Grocer Co. of Lansing. The declaration alleges that the defendant maliciously caused the arrest of the plaintiff on a charge of larceny and his incarceration in the city jail for 24 yours without reasonable cause.”

“Another Addition for Albion. Austin Avenue to Boom. Many New Homes Will be Built in the Northwest Part of City. Last week a land deal was closed through the agency of Culver & Carver in which 8 acres of land of Jacob Esher were secured, just west of the Highland Park addition on Austin Avenue, and also 4˝ acres of land owned by Fred Brown on Albion St.”


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